About Becky


I've enjoyed DIY-ing since I was a little girl as my Daddy's little helper. Because of his tutelage and all my hubby and I have done on our current and past homes, I can do pretty much everything from design to fruition of projects around our home. I'm also an obsessive organizer and reader. I read anything that has words on it. It's like air, I need to read to survive. Because of this "need" I have all sorts of odd information in my brain. If only I could organize it in folders like I do on my computer I'd be happy as a frog on a lily pad surrounded by flies.

Favorite area of home improvement:

It's hard to say what is my favorite part of home improvement, as I like so much of the process and working with my hubby, but it's probably the design work. Though I do all the drawing myself, some of my ideas come from discussions about the project with my hubby.

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