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Easy Fall Wreath in 5 Minutes

Hey y'all...we hope that you had a wonderful, long weekend. We are so glad that we had the opportunity to relax at the lake. We ate good food, shared a few special bevs, went on some wild boat rides and most importantly shared a great weekend together.
Jennifer and I even had a little bit of time to create a couple of fall projects. As you know, this is our favorite season. Can we sing out a giant "Woop Woop" as today is the day Starbucks brings back the Pumpkin Spice Latte? Yes, we are those people!
Now, back to business...Being that we were together it was so fun to plan out our crafts, decor and recipes for Fall. Hold onto your hats because we have a lot of fun things in store for y'all!
Like this easy Fall wreath. This literally took all of 5 minutes to craft...
Supplies we used:
Craft Form Ring - Dollar Store
8 Large Fall Floral Stems with Thick Stems - Dollar General
Wire Cutters
Pen for Marking Floral Ring
Using wire cutters, carefully cut the stems leaving approximately a one-inch stem...
Mark the floral foam ring with 8 dots, evenly spaced out.
Add a floral stem to each dot, pressing firmly until the stem enters the foam all of the way, but not through the backside of the foam...
And that is it! We aren't even sure of what type of flowers these are, but they make a big impact on the wreath.
It makes a bold statement against the charcoal gray door...
It's amazing how 5 minutes can make such a difference :) Have you made a front door wreath for Fall? We would love to see it!

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