DIY Mason Jar Storage

I made some mason jar storage from old mason jars and hardware. By simply painting the mason jar lids and painting some wood knobs and gluing them to the lids. I built the box simply by cutting the boards to size and using wood glue to fasten the boards together. You could use this mason jar storage anywhere in your home. I chose to use the storage in our bathroom, it works great for q-tips and cotton balls!


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  • Becky
    Becky Nixa, MO
    Love,love,love! Will definitely be doing this soon. Great job!
  • Aggie Deese
    Aggie Deese Maxton, NC
    Will do this soon. Good idea.
  • Chris Hough
    Chris Hough Spokane, WA
    I have some zinc lids that this would look great on...great project!
  • EricColbert
    EricColbert Amboy, MN
    What a pretty storage solution for the bathroom! I'd be careful about those lids rusting if you leave them in a bathroom which traps a lot of humidity though! Make sure to check them once in a while for that!
  • Nancy Morris
    Nancy Morris Reading Center, NY
    very creative, love it!!