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Shower Grout that Doesn't Stain or Need Sealed, Ever!

Dingy and moldy grout just stinks.
Plus it's embarassing when you have house guests.
This past weekend I installed epoxy shower grout in between our 2 x 2 inch shower floor tiles.
With a little help from the tecnhical support line of the company that makes the grout I was able to do this project in less than 2 hours (that includes prep, install, and cleanup).
And I was a little under the gun since it was 7 pm when I started, primarily because I put my daughers to bed at night :)
If you want grout that never needs sealed and does the best job at resisting stains & mold this is the way to go. Since I'm in the rental home business this was a test run to
1. see if it was hard to install
2. examine the durability of the product
Well I'm here to tell you that you can put your fear aside when it comes to installing this brand of epoxy grout (the brand is CEG LIte). It was easy.
What makes it so durable is the fact that it's practically impermeable to water. Sanded and un-sanded grout have pockets within their physical structure that can allow mildew and mold to grow. This isn't the case with epoxy.
The working time is 40 minutes and I think this is what freaks people out, especically if you have a large floor. Our shower floor was only 32 by 58 inches. I set a timer for 30 minutes so that I'd have a 10 minute warning and be able to stay within the epoxy's setting timeframe.
If you're installing new floor or wall tile I highly recommend looking into epoxy grout. In case you'd like more info, pics, and a video (yes I grew my NHL playoff beard early, GO PENS) visit my blog post at http://www.homerepairtutor.com/shower-grout-that-wont-stain-or-need-sealed/
Time: 2 Hours Cost: $75 Difficulty: Medium

To see more: http://www.homerepairtutor.com/shower-grout-that-wont-stain-or-need-sealed/

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  • Katie Feeney
    Katie Feeney Rochester, NY

    Bleach is faster and easier....

    • Harleyangel2405

      I recently bought a home with tile everywhere and the person who did it did an absolutely horrible job (looks like a 2 yr old put the tiles in place lol) and NONE of the grout is sealed... bleach definitely doesn't always work and not only that but

  • Nancy O
    Nancy O Manteo, NC

    I'd like to tile my outside shower, what is your opinion on using this method outside? I live in the south and don't use this shower in the winter months.

  • TheGroutStore.com
    TheGroutStore.com Roseville, CA

    Very Nice Job! I agree, Epoxy Grout is the best of the best but please make sure and do your homework when grouting over porous material such as unprotected stone, slate or even the newer man made products that are resin based. Most manufacturers

  • Home Repair Tutor
    Home Repair Tutor Pittsburgh, PA

    Thanks @TheGroutStore.com for your tips. I'd hate for someone, including myself, to ruin a nice tile job with grout. You probably have some great ideas for the rest of us :)

  • Sissie Owsley Buteux

    I'm getting some of this. We have terrible water. It has actually turned the gout in our shower orange. The same color as the clay dirt in part of our yard. Everyone who lives nearby and has the same water company has the same problem. When I asked

    • Darla
      Darla Montgomery Village, MD

      @Sissie Owsley Buteux On the bright side, that mineral-laden water is good for you! We grew up with the same kind of water, from our well. One of those old fashioned water softeners might help, but then you will have a lot of sodium in your water. I

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