Blooming Succulents and Cacti

Succulents 04.26.15
I love winter, but I have to admit, I'm more than ready to get back out in the garden. Succulents are a favourite of mine, but living in the cold north means most of them have to over winter indoors. I shared some pictures of them blooming last summer and some that bloomed when they were brought inside. You can see more at my blog, Dewdrop Gardens.


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  • Miriam I
    Miriam I New York, NY
    Ooh, your pictures are gorgeous, Debbie! Thank you for including the names - I love learning! Not that I'll remember everything :)
  • Nancy Kruse
    Nancy Kruse Grand Rapids, MI
    I love the idea of Succulents and Cacti since we lost our only shade tree this past fall so I now have a full-sun yard. Now I will have to re-plan the entire yard. I think the only thing that will need to be moved is the spider-wort. i do want to add
  • Debbie Borthwick
    I know what you mean, Miriam. I still have to check my lists when dealing with Latin names.

    There are lots of succulents and a few cacti that will grow in your area, Nancy Kruse. And the ones you really love but

  • Douglas Hunt
    Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    If you can get succulents to bloom indoors, Debbie, you are definitely doing something right. I love the contrast of the delicate bloom and the very spiky Mammillaria.
  • Debbie Borthwick
    Thanks Douglas. :)
  • Nancy Kruse
    Nancy Kruse Grand Rapids, MI
    My mother in law has some catus that she overwinters outside. She has offered some in the past but I didn't take any but now I can! :-)
  • Becky
    Becky Blair, NE
    What beautiful plants Debbie.
  • Debbie Borthwick
    Thank you, Becky.
  • Vetsy
    Vetsy Spartanburg, SC
    I just bought Crown of thorns last month at HomeDepot...... How are yours doing? have they grown since you've purchased them...
    • Debbie Borthwick
      Vetsy The winter hurt them, they lost a lot of leaves, but they are doing better after the summer and have grown taller. Sorry I didn't reply sooner, I haven't been online much over the spring & summer.
  • Vetsy
    Vetsy Spartanburg, SC
    .... I'm happy to hear that they have survived and are now taller. I was worried about mine because we have had nothing but pouring rain all summer every other day... I don't get
  • Julie wolf
    Julie wolf Princeton, MN
    Do you fertilize them to get them to flower?
Debbie Borthwick