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  • Kelly S Bremerton, WA
    They didn't until they got to play with it. I gradully added different veggies carrots, fresh cherry tomatoes, celery sticks etc. Plastic placemats and we were good to go.
  • GadgetSponge.com Shreveport, LA
    I'm with Home Repair Tutor, Kelly. I still think that wouldn't be enough to get my 5 yr. old to eat some of that. Luckily he likes broccoli and celery. Great idea though and definite fun for kids. Now when I see the muffin tins in the antique and thrift
  • This is so cool! An all you can eat birdie buffet! I know that the birdies in my yard would love the variety and ease of eating! Have to make one of these!
  • GadgetSponge.com Shreveport, LA
    Thanks Leena! Hope you get a chance to make one!
  • What a fabulous idea!
  • I love the creativity of this idea! I agree that the squirrels would have a field day with a feeder like this but oh well. They get hungry too :)
  • This is fantastic! I - too - worry about my crazy He-Man squirrel posse that lives in the backyard. But if you want to take it to the true hill-billy level, you can suspend it your bird feeder on a wire (like a clothesline), but string pop bottles
  • GadgetSponge.com Shreveport, LA
    Thanks Eclectically Vintage and Make Your Own Zone. I didn't have the budget to go all commando against the skills. The project required me to be on a shoe-string budget with things around the house. That's a great idea Tara!
  • What a neat idea. Buffet for the birds, and the squirrels at my house.
  • Kat Davis-Moran Punta Gorda, FL
    to cute
  • Barbara Turner Chesterfield, VA
    How on EARTH did you come up with this????!!!! I love it! I would have NEVER thought of this! Awesome! But how do you keep squirrels out of it or does it matter?
    • GadgetSponge.com Shreveport, LA
      Barbara Turner Thanks Barbara! Expectations about squirrels are just something you have to live with sometime. I try not to smother my creativity with concerns about the squirrels. They are
  • Myra Jemison, AL
    This is great! So colorful.Think I'll try a 12 cup & see what happens.

    Thank you so much for sharing.