Repurposed / Upcycled Hillbilly Bird Feeders

DIY Bird Feeders 05.13.16
I created these and one other one recently for a Birds & Blooms magazine DIY feature.
It was to provide a solution for really inexpensive bird feeder construction at home.
I used everything from muffin pans, to remnant wood, to tray lids, and a few accessories.
I used jack chain for the suspension.
These were created for only $20 each.

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    CAROLYN CURTIS Rancho Cordova, CA
    You know i love feeding the birds!!!!! i have wild finches...."BUT" The food was bring in the RATS!!!! and this was using a sock that was hanging from gazabo....their droppings was every where!!! Any idea's ?
    • Irish53
      Irish53 Hicksville, NY
      CAROLYN CURTIS The problem was where the rats were coming from. That is who needs to take care to get rid of them. If there are so many they are coming in your yard there is a
    CAROLYN CURTIS Rancho Cordova, CA
    All ready have.... my guy has put them out a while ago....boxes are down on the ground....Like i said the socks are up in the air hanging for the finches ....The rats don't care about something that is on the ground....They climb the gazebo and eat on
    • Shreveport, LA
      CAROLYN CURTIS You could probably find a different way to hang them so they can't reach them. Then put the mouse poison boxes around your gazebo. Another thing to do is add
  • Irish53
    Irish53 Hicksville, NY
    I think the birds in your yard are spoiled but so are mine. I tie the husk from the corn cob in a loop and hang it on the pointed top of the stockade fence. I don't have any mouse or rat problems even with an elementary school for a back neighbor.I have
  • Syld577
    I just love the Hillbilly bird feeder, I have been feeding my little feathered friends for almost a year now. I have really enjoyed watching them feast. I put out a variety of seeds just to watch them sample each feeder
  • Cynthia
    Cynthia Portola Valley, CA
    Please don't poison the rats...they can get eaten by predators, who are then also poisoned. To protect wildlife, and your neighborhood cat, please trap the rats. Thanks for your consideration.