My dishwasher leaves food (crumbs) on dishes, especially on the top rack inside glasses. Any suggestions?

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  • Sounds as though the arms and spray heads are plugged with hard water and soap.

    We had the same issues with our machine and started using finish dishwasher performance booster which is a powdered

  • Mary Ellen R Jamestown, ND
    Wow, thanks for the fast response!! I'll add that product to my grocery list!
  • Shane Tallant Nashville, TN
    I believe the portion (arm) that spins can accumulate particles and get gummed up. It should be able to be removed and cleaned.
  • Shane I thought that as well. But the screen filter on bottom of machine should pick that up as its pretty fine. At least that was my experience with ours at home. I took everything apart and all I saw was hardened soap and water residue. Cleaned and
  • Mary Ellen R Jamestown, ND
    I've tried the suggestions, and it's still unresolved. I'm calling the repairman tomorrow. Thanks!
  • I was thinking about this yesterday when I purchased dish soap. Sorry it did not work for you. It sounds as though something else must be wrong. Keep us posted. Have you tried a different cleaning cycle? We had a machine once many years ago the
  • Mary Ellen R Jamestown, ND
    Thanks for your response Woodbridge! Here's yet another good tip! I'll try this one today, as I am not anxious to get the repairman out here. Thanks!