My dishwasher leaves food (crumbs) on dishes, especially on the top rack inside glasses. Any suggestions?

  • Shane Tallant
    Shane Tallant Nashville, TN
    I believe the portion (arm) that spins can accumulate particles and get gummed up. It should be able to be removed and cleaned.
  • Woodbridge Environmental
    Shane I thought that as well. But the screen filter on bottom of machine should pick that up as its pretty fine. At least that was my experience with ours at home. I took everything apart and all I saw was hardened soap and water residue. Cleaned and
  • Mary Ellen R
    Mary Ellen R Jamestown, ND
    I've tried the suggestions, and it's still unresolved. I'm calling the repairman tomorrow. Thanks!
  • Woodbridge Environmental
    I was thinking about this yesterday when I purchased dish soap. Sorry it did not work for you. It sounds as though something else must be wrong. Keep us posted. Have you tried a different cleaning cycle? We had a machine once many years ago the
  • Mary Ellen R
    Mary Ellen R Jamestown, ND
    Thanks for your response Woodbridge! Here's yet another good tip! I'll try this one today, as I am not anxious to get the repairman out here. Thanks!
Mary Ellen R
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