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Pretty Yard Art With Liquid Chalk Markers

A pretty surprise for your garden or potted plants. Make with smooth river stones and liquid chalk markers!
  • pretty yard art with liquid chalk markers, crafts
I currently live in Maine. It is unofficially the land of fun shaped rocks. I find myself collecting them in buckets and baskets and leaving them about the RV, taking up room that we really don’t have.
So when I was presented with a box of brightly colored liquid chalk markers, I decided to create some rock art.
  • pretty yard art with liquid chalk markers, crafts
Begin by painting all of your rocks with the black acrylic paint. Granted, you can leave the rocks their original color, but I went with black for a great contrast with the liquid chalk markers.
  • pretty yard art with liquid chalk markers, crafts
Then start drawing away! Naturally, I went with paisley. Seems that I have a thing for both rocks and paisley.
  • pretty yard art with liquid chalk markers, crafts
I used florescent liquid chalk markers and the bright colors look amazing against the black.
  • pretty yard art with liquid chalk markers, crafts
For more details on this project and complete instructions, see my website!

To see more: http://suzyssitcom.com/2015/07/liquid-chalk-markers-and-a-fun-giveaway.html

Got a question about this project?

  • Ann
    Ann Deltona, FL

    @Carol, I have the same questions

  • Kimmy
    Kimmy Seattle, WA

    @Carol & Ann If you go to her site its says you can add a clear coat of sealant to keep them beautiful for a long time. :)

  • Cheryl Tarkington
    Cheryl Tarkington Stone Mountain, GA

    I would love to be able to collect my own rocks. What do you about the texture of the rocks?

    • Susan Myers
      Susan Myers Villa Rica, GA

      @Cheryl Tarkington I used smooth river rock- with little texture. Although, I think you could use most any rock.

  • Cathy Little
    Cathy Little Dalton, GA


  • Georgina
    Georgina Rimrock, AZ

    I love this. I am going to fill my fountain this winter this way and put it on my patio. How beautiful.

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