Awesome Remodels 02.05.14

How To Grow Seeds Indoors

Since this weeks theme is #itching4spring... I've got a few posts I will be sharing that will range from fun to functional.

Last week I did a quickie post on how to use peat pellets here: http://www.hometalk.com/999009/thyme-to-sow As a result, there was several questions about how to grow them AFTER they are planted. Sow I dug up ( yep, garden puns, lol ) some pics to better explain how I've done this indoors over the years.

Please read through the other posts comments as well...several people contributed brilliant tips to that feed that are worth reading :)

Ok, the pics are awful because they were taken pre-blogging days and not intended to share. I turned off the over head lights when taking the pics to better show the light distribution from the grow lights.

This method is using seedling trays with inserts. Notice my trays are not solid bottoms...well that's because I never watered over head...I would dunk these into a fertilizer solution and allow the cells to float on top. As the soil imbibed and the cells began to sink (

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  • Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    Wow, you really capitalized on your space, Shelley. But I'm not buying that "I'm just a simple gardener" line! :-)
  • lol...ok Douglas I take 'dirt' pretty seriously, ha ha.
  • Gayle wilson Whitehall, MI
    Have you ever tried to clone a plant?The thing that is nice is you are guaranteed the exact same plant over and over.You dont have seeds you just cut a branch on 45 degree angle then cut up the middle of the bottom 2 " .Pull leaves near union off.Dip in
  • Hi Gayle wilson, yes I have done cutting propagation...but this can be tricky depending on the plant. Coleus is one I recommend for beginner's if you wish to give it try :)