Kitchen 02.05.14

The Contemporary Kitchen Everyone On Facebook Loves!

Your kitchen is always entertainment central, but you don't always want it to be traffic central! This AK client wanted to ease the traffic flow through their kitchen and blend their luxurious tastes into their modest space. Even though this kitchen is now 7 years old, it's still one of the most popular on Facebook! (@AKHomeRenovations)

Look at the Old Vs. New pictures and you can see how the designers & crew opened up a wall from the kitchen to the family room. The old sliding glass door in the kitchen was replaced with a beautiful window with a window seat, thus allowing all the beauty of nature with none of the foot traffic. And extra storage to boot!

Check out the glass-front cabinets. These are only lightly frosted, but still obscure the view of the contents and enhance the contemporary feel of the space! Maybe most memorable from this kitchen remodel is the granite on the island – it is ALL ONE PIECE! The crew that brought it in had to carry it up an entire staircase and down a hallway to get it safely into position atop the stunning island.

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  • Gloria Reese Port Charlotte, FL
    This is a lovely kitchen. I know it's the client's choice but for me, the kitchen "triangle" is missing. It's a long walk to the fridge from the stove with the island in between.
  • I think it is gorgeous! If I was walking into this to buy the house--it would win, hands down! It is still light and airy and contemporary. Great job! Maybe the only thing would be is not wood flooring. I love my travertine which hides spills and doesn't
  • Kathy Jerman Edmonds, WA
    It nice but the old one was not so bad, and I would have kept the sliding glass door if it we out to a patio
  • @Sandi, absolutely, it is available in cherry.
  • Patricia Clark Coatesville, PA
    When we win the lottery, I'll be in touch :-) I want this kitchen.
  • Nancy Northcutt Lexington, KY
    Hope you donated or sold the old cabinets cause they were in great shape. I have the new cabinets but with crown molding and dif pulls so they don't look contemporary at all. My old cabinets were over 50 years and rank but I still used them in the garage.
  • Cheryl A Dalton, GA
    What the old kitchen needed was seating... The new kitchen added a window seat and island seating...
  • Wanda sinnema Seattle, WA
    I agree, don't like the new as much,, taller cabinets for storage,maybe with glass, revamp the seating a bit, update the counter- backsplash....less clutter-more organization would have helped alot too.. I'd be in heaven for the old one,,big one is TOOOO
  • Susan Kenneally Grafton, OH
    The backsplash does nothing for the kitchen...I do always put black in a room, but this needs something else.Looks like my granite and my island is larger than this...needed steel supports under and 5 guys to carry it in.
  • Peggy Pfahler Mansfield, OH
    Love the new kitchen but also like that old kitchen
  • Linda T Stewartstown, PA
    As I was so outnumbered, @17 results are available, use up and down arrow keys to navigate.Bonnie J. I went back to look again. I still think it's awfully dull, but I also suspect that if the island was covered with school book, bills, scarves and cat
  • Jill Jacoby Crystal River, FL
    Wow, I am curious what the people who think this is dull would do different? The granite, the stainless, the plaid pillow on the window seat, the upholstered bar chairs, the burnt orange color in the hanging lights, it looks like there is a rug. They can
  • Wanda sinnema Seattle, WA
    I prefer the old too...the redo its not dull to me.... just sterile, no real touch of home..nice yes, appears like no one actually cooks or enjoys the kitchen..... it looks like a spoon in the sink or a cup on the counter would spoil the entire look. my
  • Millie C Frankfort, KY
    The new one - Hands down!! The old kitchen was cramped and the cabinets were unattractive.