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Furniture Refresh, Turning a Bookshelf Into a Cabinet

I have a furniture hoarding problem. I see the possibilities in most pieces and they always end up in my home and waiting to be redone. I had this book shelf, I am not even sure where I got it from or when. It has always been in my basement with a few random things on it. The finish is a fake wood, almost paper finish. So redoing it without the standard use of sanding, or stripping was not a option.
I also wanted to redo it in a way that would make it even more functional. Did I mention this is also part of a 12 month long challenge with a group of other bloggers? Each month we have a theme and need to refresh a piece of furniture within that theme. This month was Inspired by, I was inspired by fall. So I wanted to incorporate a tree somehow into this.
With my plan of adding doors it was perfect to put into place my tree.
This is the before and after comparison
Here is the rough before. It was nothing special.
I used a heavy duty primer, two coats of it and three coats of a semi gloss white to cover this bookshelf.
After I cut the doors from a piece of plywood, I cut some masonite to fit the doors. This is the tree frame material. Framing it in with a ruler.
Then free handing the tree outline. I had planned to create two separate tree's. However the doors were narrow and I thought one tree intertwining between the two trees would be more dramatic.
Using a old scroll saw I inherited from a family friend and cutting out the tree.
I also cut up a wood pallet to use to planks, sanded them down and stained them a dark walnut. This will go on the top of the cabinet.
Once the tree's were cut it was time to paint them. I used a dark gray for the color. The color dried into more of a black. I liked the contrast.
Setting the tree frame onto the painted white doors to make sure all fits.
Using wood glue and pushing the frame into the door. I also attached hinges to the door. Full steps for that with explanations are on my blog.
I put in some green door knobs for a little pop of color and this cabinet is done!
I am using it in my dining room as a coffee bar and breakfast cabinet. Myu husbands french press, coffee and tea's are stored here. Along with bowls and cups for the morning. Also popcorn bowls, because they fit.
Having this extra work space in the dining room is great for the morning routine and rush. Also for when we are entertaining and need a place to set snacks.
This was a detailed process with many steps. All was explained in detail on my blog. There is also a bunch of other bloggers with their that is linked within this post on my blog.

To see more: http://ourhousenowahome.com/2015/10/furniture-refresh-october-fall-inspired.html

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