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My gas furnace started making a loud when it comes on..What could be the problem?

It is a Goodman brand\furnace\air conditioner and has was put in about 10 yrs.ago
  • Mike wylie
    Mike wylie Ebony, VA

    I have a Goodman furnace and AC. After the AC is on for 1-2 hours the furnace starts making a loud noise and the AC is not working well. The furnace seems to freeze up and there is water evident at the bottom of the furnace?

  • Woodbridge Environmental Tiptophouse.com

    You are low on refrigerant in the ac system. When that happens the coil above the furnace gets so cold instead of cooling the air and removing moisture it freezes the moisture causing the water to turn to a block of ice. IN turn this stops the air

  • Dev Tony
    Dev Tony Catonsville, MD

    furnace started making noise and was told heat stopped coming up have recording of noise, gas furnace conventional

  • Cozy Home Service
    Cozy Home Service Elkhart, IN

    Send me the sound bit. Usually if makes nose then no air blowing sounds like motor or blower problems.

  • Rudolph Palmer
    Rudolph Palmer Sewell, NJ

    My Furnace making loud puffy hesitant wwhhOoOF ! flame when thermostat kicks back on ?