Screen porch seating/daybed

When we built our porch, I envisioned a swinging bed...But because of the location it needed to be stationary. My husband followed my "demand" kind request to make it look like it was swinging but also look nautical! I live here 3 seasons out of the year!
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  • Beautiful, and a stunning view!
  • Jamala W Whitmire, SC
    Please say you've actually slept out there.. to wake up with that lovely view..wonderful space..
  • Dena H Walkerton, VA
    Lovely! So bright and airy! Very nice job.
  • Karyn Lisk Gainesville, GA
    Jamala, yes yes yes I have slept out there, and it is the only place my sister sleeps when she comes to visit! My husband, son and cousin have also slept there. My favorite is hanging out there all day on a Sunday after church to watch football, have a
  • User Mineral Wells, WV
    LOVE the curtains. What is a cup hook?
  • Sharon Thompson Fayetteville, NC
    Oh Lord....I'd never get up!.....such a beautiful view
  • Joyce Flom Billings, MT
    Looks like a little piece of heaven! I can feel & smell the fresh air coming in now. Enjoy!
  • Karyn Lisk Gainesville, GA
    a cup hook is little hooks that you purchase at home Depot to hang coffee mugs from!

    They come in silver and gold, I used silver. Easy to use just screw them in.

  • Go Nautical Hillsborough, NJ
    Love it!
  • Amazing! I want to come live with you! LOL
  • Karyn Lisk Gainesville, GA
    thanks Joy Burdette Weber My sister from Kentucky is here this week and this IS her bedroom!
  • Hope she enjoys her visit! It is a beautiful room!
  • TJ Andover, MN
    Beautiful - I definitely have porch envy. Growing up, my folks had a house for awhile that had a huge screened front porch and my oldest brother would sleep there in a hammock. My favorite was to lay in the hammock on a rainy day and read. (no lake view
  • Karyn Lisk Gainesville, GA
    TJ Thanks...We love it and my sister sleeps out there, we actually have a hammock on the dock and I live out there! Love hammocks!
  • Caitlyn San Jose, CA
    I love the swing bed! I am sure my cats would love it too! = )