Screen porch seating/daybed

Outside Decor 05.02.16
When we built our porch, I envisioned a swinging bed...But because of the location it needed to be stationary. My husband followed my "demand" kind request to make it look like it was swinging but also look nautical! I live here 3 seasons out of the year!

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  • Karyn L
    Karyn L Gainesville, GA
    NO cats here anymore:( But the puppy loves it and demands more space then she really needs! lol
  • Sunder Ashni
    Sunder Ashni Brooklyn, NY
    Thanks Karen :) The Day Bed in particular
  • Karyn L
    Karyn L Gainesville, GA

    I really wanted to do a hanging bed but the placement of the ceiling fans would not allow it and my husband had some

    • Valmuse
      Valmuse Riverdale, MD
      Did you build the porch yourself? Want to do one in the front of the house next year. Cost? Plans? License?
  • Peggy
    Peggy Punta Gorda, FL
    I have sleeping porch envy!
  • Robin T
    Robin T Millerton, PA
    I just saw your previous response to this question! Than you.
Karyn Lisk