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Classic Rock Dresser (An Ikea Makeover)

I updated a plain boring black Ikea dresser with a few custom touches for my son's bedroom.

A few years back I saw Bliss Ranch post her Rock N Roll dresser and I fell in love with it. So when my son needed a new dresser I made my own version. I started with a plain black Ikea dresser and removed the bottom skirting for support, replacing with locking casters.

I sanded the entire surface with high grit.

I then chose the images for each drawer, resized and cleaned up the edges/lines in Adobe PS and cut with Silhouette Studio.

I did a light coat of Millstone again over the edges of each stencil.

Painted each and removed stencil while the paint was wet.

Added leather scraps for handles, some graphite wax and corner accents then sealed the entire dresser with 3 coats of Polyvine Wax Finish.

To see more: http://jburnscreate.com/the-classic-rock-dresser/

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