My Current Project: Still Working on the Kitchen!

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My hubby and I are still working on the kitchen redo and I'm almost ready to post his latest and greatest! Has something to do with this outdated kitchen pic below and a pile of fence boards. Can you guess what it is?

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Difficulty: Moderate

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  • Marty's Musings Greensboro, NC
    @Kris Broughton My husband may have done that exact same thing! Not telling yet!
  • Amy Ellis @ StowandTellU Bolingbrook, IL
    I can't wait to see this as a backsplash when it's done!!
  • Marty's Musings Greensboro, NC
    Thanks Amy Ellis! I'm working on the post and trying to get decent pictures. We have no windows at that end of the kitchen and it's a bear to photograph!
  • Jaderbomb Lafayette, LA
    Thanks Miriam I !!! I love playing with a backsplash!
  • Would love to see it when it's done. At the moment I'm modernizing an 80's oak bathroom with paint only. Counterops and doorknobs included.
  • Marty's Musings Greensboro, NC
    Jaderbomb that is so original!
  • Marty's Musings Greensboro, NC
    Kris B let me know how the countertops turned out and what you used. We're facing a countertop decision, too.
  • Marty's Musings Greensboro, NC
    Just posted the backsplash! Hope you'll all come by and take a look!


  • Marty's Musings Awesome! I love it so much. The weathered wood was just the right thing to use as your backsplash. Really tied everything together:)
  • Marty's Musings Greensboro, NC
    Thanks so much Tina @ Repurposed Life!
  • Jaderbomb Lafayette, LA
    Thanks Marty
  • Just saw the finished results - just like I pictured. Am I physic? Looks great. You must be pleased. So far so good on the counter top. Sealer going on today. Will let you know. So far so good - and "cheap as chips" $-wise!
  • The counter top is done! It looks great. A painter told me how to do it. If you can buy melamine paint in the States you can save yourself some steps as I've used that before when you could buy it here in Canada. Other than that hre goes.
  • Marty's Musings Greensboro, NC
    Kris Broughton Thanks for the info! I forwarded it to my husband.
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