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  • Tina B Norridgewock, ME
    That is a beautiful job!! It looks great!! Congratulations on a masterpiece and a very special heirloom!!!
  • Stephanie P Atlanta, GA
    Gorgeous piece of art
  • CC Chattanooga, TN
    I was going to do a 'walkway' w/ this concept> I changed my mind after seeing this!
  • Kelly Cincinnati, OH
    I Love your work Sooooooo Much ! Keep up the GREAT WORK
  • George S Lava Hot Springs, ID
    band saw or scroll saw would work as well
  • Lisa D Canada
    Unique and beautiful
  • Sondra A Janesville, WI
    Very beautiful!!!
  • Donna M Woodworth, LA
    That is a work of art!! What did he use to seal the wood? Did he stain it first?? I love the edging. Beautiful, beautiful!!!
  • Lynn Lloyd Pickens, SC
    Thank you Donna. No staining and the seal is 2 part acrylic.
  • Gorgeous! I know this was time consuming, but it turned out beautifully!
  • Lynn Lloyd Pickens, SC
    Thank you Betsy. I am working on another one and yes they are very tiime comsuming. Looks even better in person pictures do not do it justice.
  • Emma Dorsey Gainesville, GA
    this is a great cord wood project I love it
  • Lynn Lloyd Pickens, SC
    Thank you Emma. Working on a new one. Love these tables.
  • Christel Los Angeles, CA
    Awesome table.
  • Lynn Lloyd Pickens, SC
    Thank you Christel :)