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  • Meghu Doshi
    Meghu Doshi Bloomfield, KY

    Magnetic vent cover also has one popular feature. It can be painted or applied wallpaper over it and can even be covered with carpet to blend with the room and remain unnoticeable.http://www.whatisall.com/housing-and-garden/what-are-vent-covers.html

  • FilterDelivered
    FilterDelivered Jenison, MI

    while you have the vents off it may be worth busting out the vacuum and cleaning out your return ducting. Don't forget to check your furnace air filter when you're done to be sure its not now plugged with the dust that was knocked loose. And if you

  • Linda
    Linda Belton, MO

    I love this idea! I have been wanting new vents in kitchen as have old house. What a plan! Thanks :)

  • DebbieDoneIt1024
    DebbieDoneIt1024 Chickasha, OK

    I painted mine years ago .. and the looked great

  • Linda Young
    Linda Young Cedar Mountain, NC

    Remember to thoroughly clean them before painting. I toss them in the dishwasher. If they are rusty use steel wool or sandpaper to smooth as much as possible before spray painting.

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