Spray Painted Vent Covers

Rooms I like 06.12.15
  • Zelda?
    Zelda? Albert, OK
    I've painted this type of vent covers to match the color of tile and wood floors, but painting them black really looks great too. Much less than we've been paying to replace all our ours that's for sure.
  • Charlene Thompson
    Charlene Thompson Waterford, WI
    Love this idea...I was looking into replacing all of ours and it was going to be costly! Now can paint them and spend the $ elsewhere....Thanks!
  • Jim Jakes
    Jim Jakes Nashville, TN
    New ones are usually plastic (like everything else). I have gave my old metal ones a good sanding and painted them as well. Love the way you can change colors to anything you want.
  • Meghu Doshi
    Meghu Doshi Bloomfield, KY
    Magnetic vent cover also has one popular feature. It can be painted or applied wallpaper over it and can even be covered with carpet to blend with the room and remain unnoticeable.http://www.whatisall.com/housing-and-garden/what-are-vent-covers.html
  • FilterDelivered
    FilterDelivered Jenison, MI
    while you have the vents off it may be worth busting out the vacuum and cleaning out your return ducting. Don't forget to check your furnace air filter when you're done to be sure its not now plugged with the dust that was knocked loose. And if you can't
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