How to Clean Blinds - the easy way!

Getting the Spring Fever itch? Get a jump start on your spring cleaning with an easy way to clean those icky blinds.
Time: 20 Minutes Difficulty: Easy
Try vinegar and water or for really tough stuck on grime - bleach and water
Broken slats can be repaired easily by swapping it out for a perfectly good one on the bottom.
Swap out slats using the same technique used to shorten blinds. Pop off the plastic buttons on the bottom of the blinds.
Remove the pull cords up to the broken slat. Replace the slat with one from the bottom.
Re-thread the pull cord through all slats, replace plastic buttons on the bottom and presto!!

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  • Dianna Meyer
    Dianna Meyer Deland, FL
    ok I hate to admit I can be lazy, but I did find a little simpler way to clean them (kinda) I leave them hanging spay with scrubbing sure to put down some towel under the last part of the blind .Lightly spray both sides of the blinds. Give
  • Jacqueline Ford
    what about vertical blinds?
  • Marcy Crossman
    Marcy Crossman Inverness, FL
    I put them in the tub, washed with Dawn and hot water, and hung to dry using the shower head to rinse on both sides. I got one of those shower curtain rods that is expandable and hung it in the middle of the tub. Hung the blinds using wire ties until
  • Safiyyah 'Sofie'
    Safiyyah 'Sofie' Irving, TX
    I take a brush vaccum extension and vaccum the dust off... Then take a wet sponge and wipe them down
  • Gloria Sheldon
    Gloria Sheldon Cecil, AL
    I've been doing them in the bathtub...the whirlpool tub!..but don't recommend whirlpool cause the cords got all tangled up. Too impatient to soak one at a time. I do appreciate you showing us how to repair. Gosh at the money I've wasted. Recently
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