How to Clean Blinds - the easy way!

Getting the Spring Fever itch? Get a jump start on your spring cleaning with an easy way to clean those icky blinds.
Time: 20 Minutes Difficulty: Easy
Try vinegar and water or for really tough stuck on grime - bleach and water
Broken slats can be repaired easily by swapping it out for a perfectly good one on the bottom.
Swap out slats using the same technique used to shorten blinds. Pop off the plastic buttons on the bottom of the blinds.
Remove the pull cords up to the broken slat. Replace the slat with one from the bottom.
Re-thread the pull cord through all slats, replace plastic buttons on the bottom and presto!!

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  • Yvonne
    Yvonne Canada
    Wow, that all sounds like alot of work. after years of using everything from bleach to long soaks in hot water and mr clean and hours of just scrubing I now have found that TSP works PERFECT!!! Its the best ever! It makes what ever is on your blinds,
  • Debbie Fink
    Debbie Fink Columbus, IN
    I've done this before , myself I think blinds are cheap enough to just buy new ones ....
  • Deborah Moore Rose
    Deborah Moore Rose Sarasota, FL
    The easy way is to throw them bad boys out and buy new!
  • Chrystal Patton
    Chrystal Patton Locust Grove, VA
    What is TSP?

  • Linda
    Linda Lincoln, NE
    I lay my picture window blind on the drive way - spray it with 409 - use my car brush to move the 409 around flip over and do the same -
  • Sandra T
    I always took mine out side and hung them on a clothes line. spray fantastic, wait a few min and the rinse off with a garden hose
    • Camel11
      Does the cord get hard and change color? That's my fear of using the garden hose. Just moved to a new house and they are in great shape but so dirty to the point I want to buy new one but I have more expensive a with remodeling. Please advise. Thank you
  • Candace
    Candace Goodlettsville, TN
    front yard, garden hose, sawhorses and orange fiesta fabuloso. Cleans great and smells good when I rehang them.
  • Eloise Poe
    Eloise Poe Reidsville, NC
    Gee, I was hoping this post would give some easy alternative to taking them down, putting them in the bathtub with Whatever and swishing them good, then standing them on end, rinsing them with the sprayer/shower/ and letting them drain, then standing on
  • JHayes
    JHayes Memphis, TN
    OK, I just found HomeTalk, so I'm late to this discussion. What kind of blinds were you washing? Were they vinyl, aluminum or PVC?
  • Susan Cinelli
    Susan Cinelli Easton, PA
    I use steamer
    • Patti
      patti Miamisburg, OH
      Hi sue cinelli...good idea....patti
    • Cynthia C. Brown
      Cynthia C. Brown Burlington, NC
      I hadn't thought about steamer, does this break through the built up dust. I hate cleaning mine so they don't get done often.
  • Gisela
    gisela Belton, TX
    Hang the blinds on an cloth line, buy some oil eater from the auto supply store, spray it on the blinds and rinse it of with a water hose. Do not use 409 it leaves streaks.
  • Mary LLoyd
    Mary LLoyd Canada
    I use Awesome which can be purchased any Dollar Tree store ,hang blinds on cloths line spray with Awesome let sit for 10 to 15 mins and rinse .
  • Susan
    Susan Weeping Water, NE
    Can you do this with the faux wood blinds?
  • Shirley Frye
    I agree that the buying of Blinds is best.
  • Cynthia C. Brown
    Cynthia C. Brown Burlington, NC
    I have used 1 part fabric softener to 3 parts hot water, this cleans and works as a dust repellant after. You do have to do a bit of soaking before using sock to wipe down. I like the idea of vinegar/water in tub but I don't have cloths line to hang to
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