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How We're Making Mom's Remodel Dreams Come True!

This is - but it's one that has been in the works for many, many years. Around Mother's Day 2012, Armstrong Cabinets held a "Gifted Moms" sweepstakes, and asked participants to enter a photo of Mom's ugly kitchen, and why she is deserving to win $10,000 of cabinets. I knew that my Mom was a perfect fit, so we entered, and won the prize!
As a parent myself, I understand how challenging it was for Mom to raise 6 children. Even despite the demands of parenting, she always made time to participate in the community, at church, and in service projects. Giving freely to love and serve others is her story! I knew that this would be a great surprise to win for her, and that she deserved it. She is counted as a blessing in the lives of so many family and friends!
35 years ago, after living in their home for 5 years, my parents installed a new countertop and a stylish Armstrong Solarian floor. That was the last time the kitchen was updated and was long overdue for a remodel! Unfortunately, the longtime plans for my Dad to remodel the house were curtailed in 2007 after his retirement. Encountering health issues and a major injury from a ladder fall caused the project to go on hold indefinitely.

Thankfully, after winning the Armstrong Sweepstakes, the plans were resurrected, and the project is underway! It's a real family affair, with the work being completed by Hamtil Construction, which is operated by myself and my brother David. It has been fun to bring Mom's dreams to life, and she keeps saying "I just can't believe this is my kitchen!"

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