How We're Making Mom's Remodel Dreams Come True!

This is #MyCurrentProject - but it's one that has been in the works for many, many years. Around Mother's Day 2012, Armstrong
  • Mom and Dad posing the day the kitchen demo started. Note the bungee cord which holds the oven closed.
  • Dated and very lived in, a family of 8 spent many evenings eating together in this kitchen.
  • Exterior demo of the brick to allow for a 3' cantilevered "bump out" of the kitchen.
  • Temporary shoring holds up the 16' wide section of roof, and the new wall is shown 3' out.
  • Part of many kitchen remodel projects, the electrical service was upgraded. Most modern kitchens require 8-12 circuits, and this dangerous Federal Pacific panel was upgraded for more space and safety.
  • The flooring contained asbestos and needed remediation. A good reason to always test for presence of hazardous materials prior to demo.
  • The first cabinet going up!
  • A couple of junior inspectors made an impromptu visit to see the progress.
  • Mom gives 2 "likes" for her countertop template, as the sink layout is discussed by the team.
  • February 2013: The "bump out" is complete, and the deck portion is underway. Snow is just beginning to fall in this photo.
  • Mom's first batch of cupcakes! This means progress for sure!
  • Almost complete kitchen. Still waiting for tile backsplash, knobs/ pulls, and undercabinet trim.
  • Joyce Kainec
    Joyce Kainec Chagrin Falls, OH
    Your mom must be thrilled, that new kitchen will be a delight and will help tremendously when its time to sell. Good for you!!
  • AJ Ogden
    AJ Ogden Floral Park, NY
    This is great!! Hoping your Mom and Dad have a hundred more happy years in that kitchen!!
  • Abedabun Dawn
    Abedabun Dawn Mc Lain, MS
    Im jealous lol
  • Charlotte Belange
    that is a great kitchen. To add another good idea for replacing that old

    Federal Pacific panel it was a fire waiting to happen [ anyone you know that has one

  • Wanda sinnema
    Wanda sinnema Seattle, WA
    so very happy for you.... I still have the solariun sundial floor in orange-yellow and the formica in tangerine.... since I moved in 25 yrs ago-- a project never done- now I'm downsizing...... ENJOY your new kitchen for me too....
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