Classic, Timeless Wood Furniture...Putting the Paintbrush Away


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Although I love, love painted furniture as it is such an economical way to update furniture that is outdated and timeworn, I love to rescue those classic wood beauties too. The timeless warmth of wood will never go out of style for me and I put away the paintbrush for these furniture finds...

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  • Marie Christopher
    Marie Christopher Cameron, TX
    I love original woods...So, I don't paint my furniture - just shine and oil it up to keep it in good condition.
  • Amy Rohde
    Amy Rohde Fawn Grove, PA
    My husband would divorce me or maybe even bury me in the backyard if I ever dared to paint pieces as stunning as yours. They are just so lovely!
  • Trudy
    Trudy Ozark, AL
    Using good judgement you made the right call on these spectacular refurbishments.........didn't you feel so good salvaging such beautiful wood?!?! Great job!!
  • Kathy W
    Kathy W Trenton, MI
    So glad you are the one that got these pieces! They are beautiful and it would have been a crime to have painted any of them.
  • Terra Gazelle
    Terra Gazelle Springfield, LA
    If I got pieces that were as beautiful as those I would not paint either. The ones I get have real problems that a bit of oil and cleaning can not fix.
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