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8 Great Tips For Finding FREE Compost Materials

Compost is a necessity if you want to have great soil and healthy, productive plants. Along with cover crops, compost is one of the two major components that are critical to our garden's success year after year. However, for many people, finding sources to create that compost can be difficult. Today's post is all about finding endless supplies of cheap (meaning free) materials to build any size compost pile you like!
Every single day, in communities all over the world - millions if not billions of pounds of compostable materials are wasted by heading to a landfill. Although many cities and townships are beginning to have their own composting facilities - most still don't. And among those that have them - only a small portion of those materials actually make it to the facility. So, what does that mean for you? It means that with just a little planning and leg work - you can have all the materials you want for free.
Whether you compost in 5 gallon buckets, fancy bins, barrels or in a

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  • Brenda
    Brenda Jacksonville, FL

    I have tried the beer and sand paper but neither thing worked. I only used one lid filled with beer because that is what I was told to do. I was also told to put pieces of sand paper around the stalk but that didn't work either. I bought a product

  • Cheri Schulzke
    Cheri Schulzke Salt Lake City, UT

    try running copper tubing along the rim of your pot. Also, keep lower leave trimmed off so that the critters cannot reach them. Trimming off the bottom leaves will not hurt the plant. There is a product that will not harm pets it is call Sluggo.

  • Catherine Smith
    Catherine Smith Fredericksburg, VA

    Cheri is right, keeping the area cleared of leaves and plant debris will certainly help keep Evidently you have a lot of shade and damp areas around where you're planting. Slugs love the dark and wet. You can also try diatomaceous earth, much better

  • Debbie May Arcay

    Coffee grounds keep slugs away from Hostas, don't know why it wouldn't work with any plant.

  • Jennifer G
    Jennifer G Clifton, CO

    When I had a slug problem, I used bunt cake or jello mold pans from the thrift store for my beer traps. It works like a moat around the tomato plant. Just place around the young plant, burying it slightly into the ground or pot so that the critters