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Bottle Garden Edging

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We wanted a unique edging for a few of our garden beds in our backyard.....so, we used old, colored bottles. A bonus: when the little indentions in the top fill with water, they attract butterflies!
We collected bottles from friends, restaurants, etc. and used a bulb planter to make holes to stick the 'neck' of the bottle into. We have another bottle border in another area of our yard that we actually dug a small trench and planted the bottles much deeper. Both ways work very well.
The bottles are beautiful when the sun shines through the colors at different times of the day.

Check out the how-to here:
Time: 1 Hours Difficulty: Easy

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  • Teresa Fialkowski
    Teresa Fialkowski Sheboygan, WI

    The bottles I used for edging did not break with the frost, but tend to heave & get out of place. After 5 years I need to 'replant them'. Not a problem weed-wacking around them.

  • Katherine
    Katherine Charlotte, NC

    Very pretty in the sunshine I'm sure! Here in the south I'm afraid the deep indentations in the bottoms of the bottles would collect water and be another place for pesky mosquitoes to breed. A very creative idea, tho!

  • Vel Morrison Orsborn

    I was told to fill the bottles with sand for more stability and less breakage. Has anyone made a border like that?

  • Rachel
    Rachel Springdale, PA

    I have made a border with them. None broke but you have to redo every year due to the ground freezing and thawing

  • Colgrey

    I did that same idea circling a small vegetable plot; brightens-up the area so much. I also went to the thrift store, selected some dinner plates and used some of those too. Mine didn't freeze or break.

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