Bottle Garden Edging

We wanted a unique edging for a few of our garden beds in our, we used old, colored bottles. A bonus: when the little indentions in the top fill with water, they attract butterflies!
We collected bottles from friends, restaurants, etc. and used a bulb planter to make holes to stick the 'neck' of the bottle into. We have another bottle border in another area of our yard that we actually dug a small trench and planted the bottles much deeper. Both ways work very well.
The bottles are beautiful when the sun shines through the colors at different times of the day.

Check out the how-to here:
Time: 1 Hour Difficulty: Easy

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  • Cheryle
    Cheryle San Diego, CA
    I keep the bottle caps and corks and I put them back on the empty bottles. This way bottles don't fill up with anything over time, and are more likely to stay clean and a little more sturdy in the ground.
  • Kristin
    kristin Bradenton, FL
    I used all cobalt blue Budweiser bottles and angled them along the edge, leaving only about 3 inches showing. Yes, caution must be used weed whacking, but the sun shining through them makes it all worth while
  • Sharise Briggs
    Sharise Briggs Georgetown, IN
    I have had really cute greenhouses with mine, I dont use a cap, and have had some of the prettier weeds with flowers grow up in them. I weed all around them, but leave the greenhouses be.
  • Trisch
    Trisch Troy, IL
    I have collected some 500+ bottles in various colors and sizes to do a similar edging. My version will have brick set down in the ground on the outside of the bottles. We did a similar run of bricks along our garage exterior and now we can mow by simply
  • Sharise Briggs
    Sharise Briggs Georgetown, IN
    If you are lucky, your local recycling center will also let you take empty bottles, mine does. They even hold the blue bottles separately for me. =)
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