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Bottle Garden Edging

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We wanted a unique edging for a few of our garden beds in our backyard.....so, we used old, colored bottles. A bonus: when the little indentions in the top fill with water, they attract butterflies!
We collected bottles from friends, restaurants, etc. and used a bulb planter to make holes to stick the 'neck' of the bottle into. We have another bottle border in another area of our yard that we actually dug a small trench and planted the bottles much deeper. Both ways work very well.
The bottles are beautiful when the sun shines through the colors at different times of the day.

Check out the how-to here:
Time: 1 Hours Difficulty: Easy

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  • Sharise Briggs
    Sharise Briggs Georgetown, IN

    If you are lucky, your local recycling center will also let you take empty bottles, mine does. They even hold the blue bottles separately for me. =)

  • Carol Samsel
    Carol Samsel Lake Saint Louis, MO

    I have a blue bottle tree and a round flower garden around it that is edged on blue bottles much like this...just buried a bit deeper. They tend to move a bit with the weather and have to be realigned in the Spring but only takes a few minutes and

  • Maggie   Gallagher

    how dangerous if you have young kids or grand kids around!

  • Auchgezeichnet

    does NOT work in areas with frost, the bottles will break ;-))

    • Deborah
      Deborah Albany, NY

      I live in upstate NY and my blue bottle edge in my flower garden didn't break and they were even buried under the snow!

  • Tmfialkowski

    The bottles I used for edging did not break with the frost, but tend to heave & get out of place. After 5 years I need to 'replant them'. Not a problem weed-wacking around them.