Bottle Garden Edging

Crafty 07.28.15
We wanted a unique edging for a few of our garden beds in our, we used old, colored bottles. A bonus: when the little indentions in the top fill with water, they attract butterflies! #Love2Repurpose #SpringFever #Exterior
We collected bottles from friends, restaurants, etc. and used a bulb planter to make holes to stick the 'neck' of the bottle into. We have another bottle border in another area of our yard that we actually dug a small trench and planted the bottles much deeper. Both ways work very well.
The bottles are beautiful when the sun shines through the colors at different times of the day.
#Itching4Spring #Gardening #MyCurrentProject #DIY
Check out the how-to here:
Time: 1 Hour Difficulty: Easy

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  • Linda S
    Linda S Cunningham, TN
    had a friend do this, she put tiny christmas lights in the bottles and lit them at night really pretty.
  • Sharon W
    Sharon W Perry, FL
    I remember seeing this done back when I was a kid! When we visited some great-aunts/uncles, several homes had colored bottles lining the walkway up to the steps. Always thought it was pretty. I love bottles too.
  • K'Lea Johnson
    K'Lea Johnson Afton, IA
    I cut the bottoms off of the bottoms and use them for wind chimes and then get a bonus by using the bottoms as and edging. I was too lazy to dig a very deep hole to bury the bottle as you did.... Never thought to use a bulb planter. Great idea!
  • Debbi C
    Debbi C Prattville, AL
    I did this around a few garden beds but my husband and the weed eater ended up breaking the bottles slowly but surely. I gave up and took the rest out. If you can keep this out of the equation it works great!
  • Daune | Cottage in the Oaks
    Angela...we actually don't drink at all! ha! We just like colored bottles and have gathered them from all kinds of places...mostly restaurants have given us their empty bottles. We've picked up a few from flea markets...but most have just been given to
  • Angela G
    Angela G Englewood, FL
    Lot of drinking going on!
  • June A
    June A Clay City, KY
    This is genius! I've been trying to think of something special for my front flower bed..thanks for sharing!!!!
  • Daune | Cottage in the Oaks
    We have 3 children and we are the hang out our yard is full of children toddler-teens everyday. We've now had our bottle border in for about 4 years and never had a problem. We've never had one break.....and they've been through ice storms,
  • Jordyce
    Jordyce Cedarburg, WI
    How dose this hold up in the winter?
  • Exa H
    Exa H Killeen, TX
    i love this idea, and have been saving blue beer bottles for just this. I like it better when they are planted lower though. Just seems they would be much sturdier.
  • Victoria M
    Victoria M Livonia, MI
    it is beautiful but won't work with dogs and little kids. I'd do it my front yard, but we live on a main drag and the bottles would end up smashed all over the sidewalk.
  • Karen Rexford-Fuller
    Karen Rexford-Fuller Westminster, MA
    Fabulous idea!...until they break
  • Kori Abrams
    Kori Abrams Parker, CO
    I would love that but two kids and two dogs it would take a beating.
  • Joan G
    Joan G East Lyme, CT
    I'm wondering how it would hold up over the winter.
  • Daune | Cottage in the Oaks
    Theresa...we use our weeder around it all the time, it's never been a problem. =)

    Andrea...the water is so shallow that it dries up very quickly. We live here in the South and we've never had the bottles

Daune | Cottage in the Oaks