Painting My Kitchen Island with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

projects to try 04.14.15
We built our house during the 90's ode to oak all the cupboards, trim, windows and flooring are oak. I finally made the time to paint my island with chalk paint. I used Annie Sloan Chateau Grey and AS lacquer then I finished with Valspar glaze. I'm so happy with the results as it breaks up that sea of oak! So I have a new island for about $60! Next up... the countertop!
  • Sharon Wingard
    Sharon Wingard Indiana, PA
    looks good. you should try it on the cupboards too.
  • Gayle Johannes
    Gayle Johannes Fremont, NE
    I wish I would have had this idea and I might not have sold my sea of oak last year, We went back to a dark walnut home and its a sea of dark! lol
  • Bonnie
    Bonnie Ellsworth, WI
    Looks great!!!
  • Linda
    Linda Vancouver, WA
    THIS is beautiful!! Great idea...........and great job!!!!! Can't wait to see the picture with the corbels!!!
  • Vicki
    Vicki Columbus, KS
    great job!! I've never used chalk paint but love the look - i'm getting ready to paint my dining table & chairs & hutch! thanks for the inspiration!
  • Jennie O
    Love it!
  • Tamara
    Tamara Roscoe, IL
    I love it. It does break up the sea of oak.
  • Gloria Musgrave
    Gloria Musgrave Fairfield, IL
    In twenty years or so someone will come along and strip that old paint off when they realize there is beautiful oak underneath.
    • CC
      Gloria Musgrave They won't last that long...they were not very good quality cabinets to begin
  • Jackie Prim
    Jackie Prim Stillwater, NJ
    Beautiful job. It is a inspiration!
  • Rita
    Rita Henderson, NV
    I LOVE it. When will you posted the picture of the corbels? I want to take my boring island and turn in into something pretty!
    CATHY Lubbock, TX
    I want to paint over a table that someone messed up with chalk paint useing another color. Do I have to sand it first?
    • Cornelia Schott
      Cornelia Schott Cranberry Twp, PA
      CATHY If you use Annie Sloan paint, you should be able to paint over the previous chalk paint. You will most likely use two coats of Annie Sloan paint, wax, sand or not sand, and
  • Michaela Turiace
    Michaela Turiace Auburn, CA
    Did you remove the cabinets and drawers? Or did you just pain extra careful?
  • Pattycake
    pattycake Oklahoma City, OK
    So pretty! What color is it? And you used a glaze? Just a wipe on/off? And what kind/brand/sheen of laquer?? Thanks!
    • CC
      Pattycake It's Chateau Grey. I used Valspar's glaze and Annie Sloan's Lacquer
  • Matthew-Donna Larson
    Matthew-Donna Larson Spring Creek, PA
    nice job...looks sooo much better .. wanna do this to my kitchen island and thanks to you I now know its possible!! Thanks for sharing!
  • Ilene
    Ilene Altamont, UT
    Love the color and finished island!!! You did a wonderful job on it!!!