Here are some of the newest tile murals that I've painted.

Decor 08.17.15
  • This mural was installed above the grill in an outdoor kitchen. It's is UV protected so that it can take the outdoor exposure.
  • Holstein Pasture was painted for a client that owns a dairy farm in N. California. They specialize in cheese.
  • La Petite Chateau is a mural created for the client's front courtyard wall.
  • Murals by Monti
    Murals by Monti Oceanside, CA
    Hi Gayle,

    No, I don't have patterns or instructions. Each mural is a one of a kind, painted especially for my clients.

  • Tina Wickham
    Tina Wickham Corning, OH
    Very nice I think I will do this as a backsplash in my kitchen. I too am a painter. You do very nice work
  • Murals by Monti
    Murals by Monti Oceanside, CA
    Thank you, Tina!
  • Luc Obdam
    Luc Obdam Netherlands
    I love what you made,I watched you're page,it all looks great!!
  • Monti Ladd
    Monti Ladd Oceanside, CA
    Thank you Luc!
Murals by Monti

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