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From Trash to Sparkling Treasure #SPiTChallenge

I took my husbands Friday evening trash and looking at it a whole different way. I took some old aluminum beer bottles and made them into a Sparkling Wind Chime!
Old beer cans that were meant for the recycling bin is about to be recycled into something new!!!
I started out by spray painting them along with the caps to give them a base to start my Unicorn SPiT on.
Krylon Metallic is my Fav!!
Getting my work space set up. I grabbed newspaper for protection along with my colors of Unicorn SPiT that I decided to use along with a Baby Medicine Syringe to apply the Spit. You can get these free at a lot of Pharmacies.
I apply one color at a time
Start with Blue then did the same thing with green. Just run a rim around the bottle and it will naturally run down the bottle.
Once you get all your colors on, allow it to dry. As it dries you may some crackling. That is what makes the awesome effects on the bottle as you see above.
Next I looked around my house for something to hang my Windchimes from. Found this sweet little wood piece. So what's a girl to do by SPiT on it!! Bahaha! More adult finger painting, Yeah!!
The grain that pops once the Polyurethane is put on, is out of this world!!
I added 3 coats of Polyurethane to assure it was protected well while it hung outside.
I added a few ceramic hearts I had laying around for weight. With these bottles I screwed in an eye hook into the cap and ran 15 lb fishing line through the hole made in the cap and then screwed the eye hook back in to hold the line and tied a washer to the string so it would rattle inside the bottle when the wind blew. Ran it through to the bottom of the bottle, where my husband drilled large holes. From there I tied my "weight".
I tied the bottles to my hanger and BAM! Wind Chimes!
Pictures really don't do them justice and sooo Easy!

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