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DIY Toilet Paper Storage

We have a very small bathroom, which means there's limited storage space. When I redid this room I had to come up with a place to put a few extra rolls of toilet paper. I didn't want it sitting out in the open, so I figured out a way to hang a few rolls in the vanity.
Inside the cabinet, there is a bit of extra space between the sink and the bottom shelf, just enough space for 3 rolls of toilet paper, so I came up with the idea to put a board across the side so that I could attach 3 door stoppers to it (you know the things you use to keep a door from hitting the wall?).
The stoppers are long enough that they hold a roll of toilet paper and they are out of the way, so you can just reach in and grab one. An effective, easy and cheap (less than $6 for the stoppers) storage solution.
Check out my other small bathroom storage solution at www.chatfieldcourt.com

To see more: http://www.chatfieldcourt.com/bathroom-redo-details/

  • Hannah V
    Hannah V Brooklyn, NY
    on Oct 26, 2015

    What a great idea!

  • Mfbandit769
    Mfbandit769 Tallahassee, FL
    on Dec 13, 2016

    There are toilet paper holders made specifically for the inside of the vanity door. You can find them almost anywhere (Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, etc.0 They hold about 5 rolls, easy to install, inexpensive, more attractive, and much easier to install.

    • Thanks for your input but mine was very easy to install, very inexpensive and not too bad looking. Plus it's in an area of the cabinet that is wasted space anyway.

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