Easy Trick For A Sparkling Clean Pond

Cleaning 5 days ago
If you have struggled to keep the water in your little pond sparkling clear, this may be the trick you've been looking for. I have tried this on several different garden ponds, ranging in size from 450 to 1200 gallons, and it has worked every time. Murky water clears within a day or two (most clear within hours), and then stays clear for months.

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  • This simple trick should clear up most murky little ponds within hours.
  • You need polyester quilt batting (used for making bed quilts).
  • Get a wire basket (this is a garbage basket from the dollar store). It has to be bigger than your pond pump.
  • Cut out the quilt batting and wrap it around the outside of the wire basket.
  • Insert the pond pump.
  • Secure the batting in place with a bungee cord. Submerge the entire unit in the pond.
  • The quilt batting on the outside of the basket filters the water before it goes through the pump.
  • You'll be able to see your fish again!
  • And the plants will thrive.

To see more: http://www.empressofdirt.net/trickforcleanpondwater/

  • Luann
    Luann Sullivan, MO
    there's a black plastic tub in my deck with large rocks, goldfish and fountain. the pond is so dark you can't see the bottom. The fountain is getting cleaned out every week. I live on a gravel road with a lot of dust. I want to remove the goldfish,
  • John Williams
    Below is a link to a DIY water treatment system designed around a vase fountain. Works great. The design is maintenance free. Its been running for 1 year with no issues.
  • Darlyne
    Darlyne Harpers Ferry, IA
    what do I use to get the green off the black plastic pond? I have taken fish, pump, lilies out. Tried bleach. That didn't work.
  • Sheila Kinney
    Sheila plainfield ct I have been reading your method on quilt batting we have a 1200 gallon koi pond with a 3000 pressurized uv filter and a 2400 laguna caged pump how would we wrap the pump in the quilt battng as it is a caged pump we have tried just
  • Bobcoraslight
    hello do you have to put the whole pump in the cage or does the fountain top stick out the top,,please let me know..thank you
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