DIY Moss Easter Basket

Easter 03.07.14
Using reindeer moss, peat pots, and ribbon I made a DIY Moss Easter Baskets. They are just the cutest Easter addition for the kids. (Okay, and for me, too) Visit my blog for ALL the details. #Easter #thinkspring #springideas
Time: 1 Hour Cost: $2 Difficulty: Easy
I used reindeer moss, peat pots, tacky glue, wired ribbon, and packaging shred.
I found the peat pots at the 99 cent store. Crazy!! I have literally been looking for peat pots everywhere! (And, yes, I did search all of my local nurseries)
Using a small paint brush, I brushed the peat pot with glue. I then adhered the moss to the peat pot, making sure to also cover the rim of the pot.
To make my handle, I made 2 holes in each side of the peat pot. I threaded my wired ribbon through the holes and tied a knot inside the pot.
For a “filling” I used packaging shred, along with some candy.
Seriously!! Easy DIY Moss Easter Basket. It doesn't get much easier than this!!

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