Fence Board Backsplash

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What can you do with an old stack of wood? With my creative DIY hubby in charge you won't be able to believe the transformation from old fence boards to beach cottage feel with a totally unique backsplash.
For more details on the process come on over to the blog and check it out!
  • Honky Nut Hill
    Honky Nut Hill Australia
    OMG that is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! you have just solved my "what am i going to use" for my splash back dilemma! i was in desperate need to do something DIFFERENT and now i have it!!!! stunning!!!! well done xxx
  • Marty's Musings
    Marty's Musings Greensboro, NC
    Honky Nut Hill thanks so much! I'm glad we could inspire you. Let me know how it turns out!
  • Emma Dorsey
    Emma Dorsey Gainesville, GA
    I just love this Idea! I can do this with some of the pallets I have. in our old trailer to add some insulation and some shabby chic to it!
  • Through the Dutch Door
    I love this!! We did a bathroom wall, but I love the backsplash!
  • Emma Dorsey
    Emma Dorsey Gainesville, GA
    I think this will be my route when the time comes
  • Emma Dorsey
    Emma Dorsey Gainesville, GA
    I will share my pix as the time comes!
  • HappilyEverAfterEtc.
    This is so cute, I love how creative it is!
  • Christina Creede
    Christina Creede Esperance, NY
    I love it the older and more country it looks, the better...Great idea!!!
  • Beverlee Williams
    How did you allow for the electrical plugs . Did you bring them forward because of the width of the boards ?
  • Kellie
    kellie Dobbin, TX
  • Phyllis
    Phyllis Deland, FL
    Marty, Very nice and creative, it gives the kitchen a rustic modern look.
  • Jennifer
    Jennifer Waco, TX
    Thanks for sharing. This is exactly what I need in my kitchen.
  • Brenda
    Brenda Plato, MO
    Thank you so much for sharing this fantastic idea! I have a huge stack of pallets that I have been keeping because I knew I would need them someday! Well the day has come thanks to your terrific idea.
  • Tell
    tell United Kingdom
    hi like this idea, how have you sealed it? can't see from the photo.
  • Shirley
    Shirley Port Richey, FL
    I really love this and we have just taken an old fence with those kind of boards from a neighbors house. They were moving in and didn't want the fence. But I am concerned about bugs - like ants or roaches living behind the wood. Did you treat it with
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