Fence Board Backsplash

Kitchen Ideas 08.07.15
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What can you do with an old stack of wood? With my creative DIY hubby in charge you won't be able to believe the transformation from old fence boards to beach cottage feel with a totally unique backsplash.
For more details on the process come on over to the blog and check it out!
  • The finished product.
  • Stack of old fence boards.
  • Old peel and stick tile backsplash.
  • Love these whimsical canisters!
  • Add a pop of color to bring out the texture of the wood.
  • What's next? Hopefully the countertops!
  • Barbara Richard
    Barbara Richard Manassas, VA
    It is a great look, but I'd be concerned with the fact that prior to 2004 pressure treated lumber contained arsenic. (The new wood is still not good, but better) I realize you are not cooking or eating on it, but as it continues to decay (it isn't
  • Kay Anderson
    Kay Anderson Kankakee, IL
    I love this new back splash, but worried about grease flying and getting into the boards. I would love to do this in my kitchen. I am an old country girl.
  • Marty's Musings
    Marty's Musings Greensboro, NC
    Amanda M From my husband: Good question, but I didn't see the need to seal these at all. We get very little abuse on the back splash area, plus this wood had been out in the
  • Amanda M
    Amanda M Bethlehem, GA
    Did you seal the wood with anything to keep it moisture and stain resistant?
  • Naomisatterwhite
    naomisatterwhite Frankfort, KY
    looks good
  • Marty's Musings
    Marty's Musings Greensboro, NC
    Sandi Saegert did they paint the fence board? That would take an amazing amount of wood. Marci N I'll
  • Sandi Saegert
    Sandi Saegert San Antonio, TX
    We have a house in our neighborhood that they redid the entire outside of the house with fence boards! It is awesome looking.
  • Marci N
    Marci N Florence, OR
    Ohh I like this. But wonder how it is to clean. I guess if its sealed well it would be OK, but flammable?
  • Bette Payne
    Bette Payne Canandaigua, NY
    love, love, love it!
  • Ahrisha Lesher
    Ahrisha Lesher Lancaster, PA
    What a nice look.
  • Barbara Brousseau O'Donnell
    Okie dokie - love the way it looks !
  • Shala Cripps
    Shala Cripps Lebanon, TN
    The backsplash looks absolutely amazing!!! And you know looking at it gave me an idea, take the White paint off of the cabinets, to where it is bare wood and then give the cabinets a White Wash, and do the Countertop in a stained Concrete, it would
  • Jennifer Decorates
    Jennifer Decorates Murfreesboro, TN
  • Marty's Musings
    Marty's Musings Greensboro, NC
    Barbara Brousseau O'Donnell Cleaning it hasn't been a problem yet. I will probably take an old rag to wipe it down and a damp sponge if there were food particles. I'll let you know when something explodes in the kitchen!
  • Cathy Fiermonti
    Cathy Fiermonti Lakeland, FL
    Love the look and love the contrasting colors! Good eye!
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