My white kitchen tour

Growing Vegies 03.05.16
Ten years ago we had the ugliest house on the block when we moved in. And not much of a decorating budget. So we kept the kitchen lay-out intact, splurged on a few appliances. And used paint and vintage pieces to add personality.

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  • Suzy Flanagan Wright
    Well, it sure is pretty, but looks more than a minor re-do with new tiles/countertops, etc. I'd like to see a before pic to get an idea of how bad the white was. Looks quite expensive re-do. Costs?
  • Ann McNattin
    Ann McNattin Saint Paul, MN
    This is beautiful. But "ugliest house on the block"? I hardly think so.
  • Andrea R
    Andrea R Westminster, CA
    The end result of your makeover is lovely. However we lost a lot of the impact of "wow look what she did" without a BEFORE picture.
  • Lonestarlady
    Lonestarlady Spring, TX
    Soooo pretty!! Working with what you have and making it a showroom is very rewarding! Great job!
  • Sharon Wingard
    Sharon Wingard Indiana, PA
    this is beautiful. what was the total redo cost? seems like it would be pricey.
  • Leah Johnson
    I could fit my kitchen inside one of your cabinets- well almost... it is 8 ft wide, and 12 ft long with dining room-kitchen door in the north east corner, chiminey north west corner, and outside door and basement door to the south west.. when we bought
  • Bonnie Erwin
    Bonnie Erwin Sycamore, IL
    I'd love to see the before picture's. You had to have taken some... being so proud of limited budget make over.
  • Wendy G Butler
    Wendy G Butler Abbeville, SC
    the op had to add the hype to get you to her's all about stats....
  • Bonnie T
    Bonnie T Palatka, FL
    gorgeous! I love painted kitchen cabinets
  • Karen Rossman Clark
    Karen Rossman Clark Brookings, OR
    Inspirational as I have an old kitchen that needs updating and I have limited funds.
  • Dee Rush
    Dee Rush Freeport, TX
    What did it look like before?
  • Nancy Bee
    Nancy Bee Canada
    Limited storage? Good grief, your kitchen is the size of my house!
    • Jan Remling
      Jan Remling Sheboygan, WI
      Nancy Bomak I was going to say the same thing. My entire work area is 3 square feet in an L shape. It's a beautiful kitchen for sure.
  • Shirley Whitfield
    Shirley Whitfield Florence, AL
    I painted my dark cabinets at least 10 years ago & never been sorry . Sanded them down & used Diamond hard paint from Pittsburg paints Sill as white as ever !
  • Michele Whitney
    Michele Whitney Hooks, TX
    So the enormously high ceiling, the tile floor, the back splash, the inset lighting, the underset sink and new facets and all those modern light controlling rheostats were there ? Paint and some vintage pieces - yea, right !
Leslie H