My white kitchen tour

Decor Ideas 04.05.15
Ten years ago we had the ugliest house on the block when we moved in. And not much of a decorating budget. So we kept the kitchen lay-out intact, splurged on a few appliances. And used paint and vintage pieces to add personality.

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  • Bonne6162000
    I LOVE your kitchen and everything in it. Beautiful job.
  • Paula Beckham
    Paula Beckham Murrells Inlet, SC
    Love that tarnished silver!
  • Leslie H
    Leslie H Huntington Beach, CA
    hahaha a fellow vintage love decorator!
  • Leslie H
    Leslie H Huntington Beach, CA
    thanks bonn! I appreciate your visit.
  • Ellen R
    Ellen R Ridgeway, SC
    To each his own but it will ruin if not cleaned with polish.
  • Judith Rio
    Judith Rio Poplar Grove, IL
    Lovely kitchen except why is it always painted? Why always white which is sterile and evokes no emotion or warmth. You stated you had to add baskets and the red trunk for warmth. I just wish someone would stop painting the oak and other find woods white.
  • Carrie
    Carrie Hutchinson, MN
    You have an absolutely beautiful family kitchen/living area!
  • Lola Schultz
    Lola Schultz Saint Paul, MN
    I love the white cabinetry. So fresh & clean and much easier to keep it clean. Natural wood doesn't show dirt, resulting in people not cleaning it. Yuck. Totally beautiful kitchen. Definitely ads a lot of value to your home.
  • Judy Lambert
    I think it is lovely! It looks filled with light and is so welcoming. Congrat's on a beautiful job!
  • TMulhern
    TMulhern Los Angeles, CA
    Gorgeous kitchen! I love the cabinets and the backsplashes. You really have done a great job.
  • Lisa
    Lisa Wausau, WI
    Love your kitchen and the glass front cabinet doors! Not a fan of the pot rack, but everything else is gorgeous!
  • Donna Jean O
    Donna Jean O Port Saint Lucie, FL
    I love it, but have to say, that is a substantial decorating budget...Love the cabinets...I have the same "type" kitchen, and would love those open cabinets in mine...never thought of just ordering them from Home Depot...
  • Sharon La Tour
    Sharon La Tour Lexington, KY
    Limited storage???? You have got to be kidding! My kitchen is 8 ft wide by 12 ft long galley, with 3 openings to other rooms. It looks like to me you have a lot of storage in your big beautiful kitchen! I love what you have done to it! :)
  • Nancy Mangano
    Nancy Mangano Washington, NC
    back splash adds big can add more color with the knobs on cabinets get wood ones so you can change just by painting them..
  • Carol Burkhardt Rask
    Carol Burkhardt Rask La Crosse, WI
    I LOVE what you did to your kitchen. I love the floor, but my choice would have been the laminate that sort of looks like gray weathered barn board or a very dark brown. But you made it obvious to me that there IS another option for me. Thanks!!! : )
Leslie H