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Potato Bin IKEA Hack

My mom always kept her potatoes and onions in meadow gold colored plastic bins down in our laundry room. I've been storing mine in either the fridge or under the cabinet. But it was about time to do something a little more FUN! So when I had an opportunity to join the IKEA Rast Hack competition sponsored by Hickory Hardware and Pittsburgh Paints and Stains, I thought it was time to upgrade our potato and vegetable bin storage.
IKEA Rast Hack transformed into a storage cabinet for potatoes, onions, bread or other veggies, also includes a two-bin top drawer (which I love!!)
The first thing we did was assemble the 3 drawer Rast Chest to see where we were at.
Next, we measured 2" in, all around, laid down blue painters tape, and cut out the center of the two bottom drawers.
Next we cut 45 degree angle pieces out on both sides of the top drawer; cut top front piece off of the drawer front; and then used that piece to make the center board for the two-bin drawer. (which I love!!)
So modified, the raw Rast chest now looked like this, with a 2-bin drawer and two soon-to-be mesh screened drawers.
Several pieces were disassembled for the painting
Mesh screen was stapled onto the back sided of the two bottom drawers.
Now it has a pretty 2-bin drawer with vintage looking knobs from Hickory Hardware
And two mesh (or chicken wire) screened drawers with fabulous potato bin style Hickory Hardware pulls this time.
The 2-bin drawers (which I love) can be used as a bread box or a bit of kitchenware storage.
And once we get to re-arranging our kitchen (we've just moved to a new house), I have just the place for this new piece.
You can see the full tutorial in the blog post below (voting for your favorite IKEA Hack is taking place up through November 9th)

To see more: http://stowandtellu.com/potato-and-vegetable-bin-ikea-rast-hack/

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