Steampunk Stepping Stones

Gardening 05.11.16
We love finding old coins and keys at the flea market. We'd been keeping them in jars, until we had the idea to turn them into Steampunk Stepping Stones! Now we get to see our collections on display in the garden!
The project turned out to be so easy, we gathered some sea glass and marbles and made more! Here's how we did it.
The first thing we did was collect keys! We actually have been collecting them for years. They are easy to find at garage sales, flea markets, and even your own junk drawer! (Just make sure you don't still need it them!)
To make the stepping stones, we got some concrete mix at the hardware store. You just mix it with water! Easy! (To see the amounts we used, check out the complete instructions on our blog at
We picked up some molds at the craft store. They came in circles and squares, and they were so cheap we got one of each! Once the concrete was mixed, we just spread the mix into the mold.
Our Steampunk Stepping Stones turned out so cool, we made another batch with colorful flat marbles from the dollar store!
To see the complete how-to, including how to mix the concrete and how to reinforce the stepping stones for heavy traffic, come over to our blog at We have loads of flea market projects, and we are always available if you have any questions. Just leave us a comment and we'll reply!
Jennifer & Kitty, The O'Neil Sisters

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  • Geneva jo combs
    geneva jo combs Midland, TX
    Great now I can put my can of keys to use. I have saved them for years, not really knowing just how I could use them
    • Jennifer & Kitty O'Neil
      Jennifer & Kitty O'Neil San Carlos, CA
      Geneva jo combs Wonderful, Geneva! Yes, get those keys out of that can! How great that you saved them -- and now you can showcase them in a fun project for all to see. Have fun!
  • Therese C
    Therese C Greenfield, IA
    This gives me an idea to use my skeleton key collection in a thin cement vanity top for my grand daughter! Thanks for a great idea!! Love the stepping stones!
  • Jennifer & Kitty O'Neil
    Jennifer & Kitty O'Neil San Carlos, CA
    Oooh, Therese! That sounds amazing! What a cool idea! We love love love skeleton keys, and they will look great in a vanity top. What a lucky grand daughter you have!
  • Ann
    Ann Medina, TN
    My husband collected old belt buckles. I think I'll try this with a few of the less expensive ones
  • Lyn
    Lyn Canada
    Very neat, and thanks so much for posting. I am feeling kind of frustrated with this site though, kind and creative people such as yourself, post brilliant post wonderful ideas, but the questions never seem to get answered. Is that information somewhere
Jennifer & Kitty O'Neil