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Painted Playroom Stairs

We needed an inexpensive way to redo our basement stairs to our recently finished off playroom space. My husband and I decided that painting the stairs would cover up the plain and worn wood, and give it some visual impact as well. It was a simple project, and it has held up great over the past six months.
This is the finished product. We went for a set of three stripes.
A power sander was used to sand the steps down. They have always been plain wood as this was originally the steps to the unfinished basement until we completed our playroom this year.
Just after two coats of primer the dark stairway became light and bright.
We painted them white, and then used leftover gray paint that match our wall color to paint simple stripes. My husband just eyeballed the measurements really. It was not something we spent a lot of time on. For more information and the final reveal of many of our playroom projects head on over to our blog.

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