Tried-and-True Shrubs & Perennials

Over my gardening years plants have come and gone, but a few have proven themselves for the long-haul and get planted in every garden I've had. They include evergreens, flowering shrubs, and the toughest perennials that truly do come back every year.

These lists of my favorites are not unusual, hard to find, or expensive. I can't justify spending large amounts just to have the newest or most unusual plants. I look for beauty, longevity, and low initial cost all wrapped up in the easiest care possible. And these all fit the bill. They include:






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  • great selection!
  • Susan Branum Richmond, VA
    We also have perennials we look forward to seeing each year. They are like friends coming back for a visit! Like the perennials, our favorite vine type beauties though annuals, are the sister to the Morning Glory, the Moon Flowers! My husband will break
  • Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    Jyn M: The lobelias and ligularias are two groups of perennials that would thrive in moist, partially shaded conditions. So would chelone. Two spring-blooming bulbs that like it a little wet are
  • Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    Patty A : Definitely try hellebores. And the chelone I mentioned to Jyn. Have you ever tried cimicifuga? That did well for me in a very shaded garden in New York. Also, brunnera, astrantia, foxglove.
  • Patty A New Milford, CT
    thank you! Foxglove never sticks around, but I am anxious to introduce the others you mentioned into my underachieving garden....
  • Carolyn Springfield, OH
    I've started gathering bulbs, new hoe, shepherd hooks. They go so quickly so got them early. Still on the lookout for something that is really fragrant smell. I'm not a big rose fan but, something pretty and smells really good. I plant a lot for
  • Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    Carolyn Some of the early flowering viburnum, like Viburnum bodnantense 'Dawn' or Viburnum carlesii, are gloriously fragrant. Clethra alnifolia is a great shrub for adding late summer fragrance.
  • Carolyn Springfield, OH
    Thanks bunches. It was really nice today. If the wind wasn't blowing, it would have been great. We still have some snow on the ground.Not as much as we did last wk. Expecting rain and that should take the rest....I hope. I have bought bulbs also. May not
  • Carolyn Springfield, OH
    Thanks. Going to try and get some of them and see how they work.
  • Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    Both the hibiscus and the hollyhocks want full sun, Carolyn. Hollyhocks are biennials, so you'll only get plants the first year, not flowers. If you're going to direct-sow them, you'll want to wait until mid-May to do so.
  • Patty A New Milford, CT
    Just to add....I bought an heirloom packet of hollyhock years ago and they actually thrive in my shady clay soil! Dinner plate size blooms on 10 ft tall stalks. They always want more sun, though....so Douglas is totally right. But you can get blooms in a
  • Susan Branum Richmond, VA
    I am so happy to be a part of this conversation! Carolyn, who have you ordered your plants from? I used t order mine years a go but the company I folowed up on seam to be more into outdoor design now. My husband and I agreed over the weekend to build two
  • Jami @ An Oregon Cottage Pleasant Hill, OR
    Great idea to cover the burmuda grass, Susa! The added benefit is you're going to love how easy it is to plant in raised beds. After using them, I bet you'll want to add more... ;)
  • Carolyn Springfield, OH
    I ordered from Cottage Hill. I ordered three. These are the BIGGEST ones I have seen. They said they need full sun. I am already scouting out and mapping where I can plant them. I live in a independent senior building. I am able to plant what ever I
  • Pamela F Hinesville, GA
    Pretty! Wish my poor spirea looked like that. It was beautiful last year now looks a bit ragged. I'll wait to see how it looks over the next few weeks.