Tried-and-True Shrubs & Perennials

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Over my gardening years plants have come and gone, but a few have proven themselves for the long-haul and get planted in every garden I've had. They include evergreens, flowering shrubs, and the toughest perennials that truly do come back every year.

These lists of my favorites are not unusual, hard to find, or expensive. I can't justify spending large amounts just to have the newest or most unusual plants. I look for beauty, longevity, and low initial cost all wrapped up in the easiest care possible. And these all fit the bill. They include:






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  • Nancy
    Nancy Acworth, GA
    I also have a large Hosta that is growing in a large pot. It was beautiful, but the leaves are turning yellow and it's not the deep green color it was some the leaves have holes in them with Brown spots on the leaves. Please help. Thank you.
    • Sharon Texada
      Sharon Texada Lake Charles, LA
      @ Nancy, you are supposed to fertilize Hostas every 2 weeks in th their growing season.
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