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DIY Fort Ideas!

For a kid, there really isn't anything cooler than a fort in the living room. Except maybe rocket boots – on "The Cool Scale," rocket boots beat pretty much everything. But unless you're a gifted mechanical engineer, you probably can't help your kid build a pair of rocket boots. You can, however, make a rockin' fort!
All you need to buff up the fortifications of a room in your home are some clothespins or tape, several large bed sheets and a few pieces of furniture.Here's how:1. Stake out your spot. Find a secure place – living rooms and bedrooms are our preferred locations – and set up your main furniture anchor. Something large like a sofa or table works best, but any large, sturdy piece of furniture will do. Note: Since your kids will be crawling around this furniture, avoid pieces that have sharp edges.
More tips and AWESOME fort pictures: https://brightnest.com/posts/diy-fort-ideas-to-make-king-arthur-jealous
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