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Easy, Cheap Way to Hang a Wreath

If you've ever had to hang a wreath on a door, it can be tricky. The command hooks can't always handle the weight of a heavy wreath and the over the door hooks don't work because you can't close the door! Our metal door makes it ever trickier! So, I came up with a great idea to hang the wreath using fishing line and a magnetic hook on the BACK of the door. Check out how I do it. It's very durable and lasts for many uses.
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Quick and Cheap Way to hang a door wreath without any hooks on the front of the door.
Use fishing line over the door.
A magnetic hook helps to hold the fishing line.

To see more: http://organizingmadefun.blogspot.com/2015/11/quick-and-cheap-way-to-hang-door-wreath.html

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