Repurposed Frappuccino Bottles

I dearly love Starbucks bottled Frappuccinos!

I found a way to justify my consumption!


These glass bottles have clear labels that come off super easy, and then if you wash them in the dishwasher any residue that is left will come off during the wash. They look very much like vintage milk this look.

We use them as drinking bottles...they look great with paper straws in them, vases...have fun tying burlap or twine around the neck to dress them up a bit...... we also use them for our collection of sand from the different beaches that we have visited.

You can leave the lids as they are...or spray paint them any color you wish. For my son's sand collection we spray the lids silver...for the collection above we just left the lids as they are because we store them on a high shelf. We then tie a tag with the beach's name on it around the neck.

Time: 30 Minutes Difficulty: Easy

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  • Rainey Sundays
    Rainey Sundays Joliet, IL
    use em for straws too
  • Maggie May's Gifts
    Maggie May's Gifts Hilliard, OH
    Such a beautiful way to treasure family trips! Love the natural look too!!
  • Melanie
    Melanie Fair Oaks, CA
    I use mine for refilling with sweet tea instead of buying soda but I need new lids. Anyone know of another way to seal these or other lids that'll fit??
  • Victoria Reinkoester
    I believe if you google it there is a place to purchase new lids. Fillmore Containers? I maybe wrong, but what is it going to hurt?
  • Margaret Adamski
    Margaret Adamski Seattle, WA
    Can use for spice bottles. I saw in Pinterest. with a label of stick for name of herb or spices. Don't need to buy regular spice bottle cost too much money. buy bulk spices. Cheapest price.
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