Family Room Reveal - Making What You Have Work

Awesome Remodels 04.02.15
Decorating after a move into a new home can really be a challenge. What worked in your last home, does not always work as well in your new home. This is what happened to us.

We have a big wool traditional style rug that we love and it looked great in our last home with dark wood floors. Put that same rug with lighter wood floors and it looks very different.

Determined to make it work I pulled the colors from the rug (black, ivory, red and green) and used them throughout the room. I love lots of texture and shine in a room so I also added several baskets, silver accessories, weathered pieces, burlap and linen.

Hope you will stop by my blog for the full tour, lots of pictures to share.

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  • Darcy
    Darcy Green Bay, WI
    The room look so pulled together, I love it. I had to laugh because in my kitchen I have a wall with several color swatches painted on it. My house is very different from the last one also and I am finding I need to re-think my color palette...... I
  • Trisha D
    Trisha D Glen Ellyn, IL
    LOVE this. Great job. simple changes made a HUGE difference.
  • Christa V
    Christa V Summerland Key, FL
    How do you watch the TV with the seating arranged that way, though? Otherwise, beautiful!
    • The Endearing Home
      Thanks Christa V , the seating arrangement is not ideal but luckily tv is big enough so we can see it. The room is kind wide and narrow and between all the windows, stairs and fireplace this was the only way the furniture could fit.
  • The Endearing Home
    Just want to thank you all so much for your very kind comments.: ) Oh and the paint color is Sherwin Williams Ramie
  • Helena @ Design Wotcha!
    Helena @ Design Wotcha! Laguna Beach, CA
    this looks so inviting, i will be over there to watch 'modern family' this wednesday at 8!
  • Elaine Simmons
    Elaine Simmons Florence, AZ
    That room is gorgeous. I like the checked curtains too!
  • Sheryll S
    Sheryll S Jacksonville, FL
    Gorgeous. I am really loving your decorating and I am very hard to please, being that I am poverty stricken & can't do anything with mine. Just fab.
  • Paula Coombs
    Paula Coombs Phoenix, AZ
    What is the wall paint color? Great job, it all all looks really great, very inviting.
  • Donna Bradbury-Duffy
    Donna Bradbury-Duffy Cape Coral, FL
    can I move in, lol. Lovely, really like the clock too
  • Pam K
    fantastic job. Everything is so pulled together and inviting.
  • The Endearing Home
    Thanks so much everyone : )
  • Miranda @ Pressing On
    Miranda @ Pressing On North Pole, AK
    Gosh, I love those curtains. The room turned out really amazing.
  • Cheryl Oland
    Cheryl Oland Esko, MN
    Fantastic Job! Love the look.
  • Cyndi Moore Tippett
    Cyndi Moore Tippett Knightdale, NC
    Wow! you did a very good job. I am trying to finish our whole house renovation so I can start decorating. You should be very pleased...
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