Lord of the Rings Bunk Beds

JUST LOVE 05.18.15
I'm not really advertising rustic furniture but I couldn't resist sharing this picture. It's like taken out of a story. I absolutely love it. I can picture myself reading some bedtime stories to my future
  • Dayoris Custom
    Dayoris Custom Hialeah, FL
    These beds, although rustic, look so classy. The stylish lamp, white sheets and old-looking wood makes me think about ancient castles. I love modern furniture too 'believe me' but there is something inspiring about this exotic furniture that makes you
  • Sheila G
    Sheila G Charleston, WV
    maybe at camp, but not in my home
  • Joyce Yocum
    Joyce Yocum Gaston, SC
    I love this rustic look ! Cozy !
  • Joyce
    Joyce Traverse City, MI
    I'd like just the bottom bed--I never have overnight guests (actually, I live so far from everyone who matters, I never have guests), so don't need or want the overhead bunk. I love the look of it overall, though; the whole effect is very cozy and pleasant.
Dayoris Custom