Lord of the Rings Bunk Beds

JUST LOVE 05.18.15
I'm not really advertising rustic furniture but I couldn't resist sharing this picture. It's like taken out of a story. I absolutely love it. I can picture myself reading some bedtime stories to my future young ones on a bed like this. I think this design it's good for a cabin though. However, if you like all the fun and want something different, go for it. I think it's fine as long as your kids enjoy it. Remember you'll have to replace their beds when they grow up so build something fun now. There should be more designers creating fun beds .Who knows, perhaps they sell.
  • Dayoris Custom
    Dayoris Custom Hialeah, FL
    These beds, although rustic, look so classy. The stylish lamp, white sheets and old-looking wood makes me think about ancient castles. I love modern furniture too 'believe me' but there is something inspiring about this exotic furniture that makes you
  • Sheila G
    Sheila G Charleston, WV
    maybe at camp, but not in my home
  • Joyce Yocum
    Joyce Yocum Gaston, SC
    I love this rustic look ! Cozy !
  • Joyce
    Joyce Traverse City, MI
    I'd like just the bottom bed--I never have overnight guests (actually, I live so far from everyone who matters, I never have guests), so don't need or want the overhead bunk. I love the look of it overall, though; the whole effect is very cozy and pleasant.
Dayoris Custom