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Mobile Gift Wrap Cart

I'm embarrassed to admit my gift wrapping supplies have been shoved haphazardly into a tub for years . After the holidays every single year, I promise to organize it but I'm so tired it just has been overlooked. That is until now.
It all started with these large crates from Crates and Pallet. They graciously sent me two for a holiday storage campaign. Luckily, I had the perfect project and knew just what I'd do with them.
I'd been admiring this gift wrapping cart from Home Decorators but the price tag not so much. I knew my handy hubby could build me one and most likely it would be a better version than the original.
We started with a few pine panels to build the outer shell of the cart. My hubby used the dado system (U-shaped grooves in the middle of a board) so there isn't a single nail or screw to be found!
Look at all that storage! Now, it was ready for the finishing touches...paint!
My hubby came up with this clever system to hold the dowels for the ribbon rolls. The rod can be easily removed to add ribbon and won't pop out during normal use.
The amount of storage our version of the gift wrap cart has is abundant. There are 11 rolls of paper inside and room for loads more.
Using the large crates gave so much more space for bags, bows and tissues than the original drawers, which were small and narrow.
We are totally prepared now for the wrapping marathon over the next month. Once you see mine and read the rest of my blog post you just might need one for yourself!
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