It's Time to Party with My Peeps Wreath!

Just Wreaths 11.13.15
  • Debbie
    Debbie Ladoga, IN
    i lead youth group ages preschool - 5th grade. every Easter we have a 'peeps fight'. the kids love throwing peeps at each other. and of course how much does it hurt to get hip by a peep? fun fun fun
  • Linda
    Linda Elmer, NJ
    Thanks for making me smile. Soooooooooooooo cute!
  • Patti Mowery
    Patti Mowery Hattiesburg, MS
    Sooo very cute but I would be afraid of not only ants but mice also. I live in the deep south and it is "warm" pretty much year round...we do get "critters" in our attics from time to basements to be had around here. I may try to make one and
  • Twila Palmatier
    Twila Palmatier Willow, AK
    I live a long ways from a store so need to get everything in one trip. Do you have ANY idea how many Peeps I'd need?
  • Andrea Fogleman
    Andrea Fogleman Ashland, OH
    OMGosh! I hate peeps lol but this is fabulous. Your wreath is the only way I could say I love peeps. lol
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