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If you are in need of new flooring but don't have much money to spend (or even if you do) then this fits the bill! I created this floor out of brown paper, Elmers glue, stain and polyurethane. It was easy to do (albeit time consuming) and is very durable. This room is 10 X 12 and cost about $80, but future rooms will cost about $30 since I have plenty of leftover supplies. Click through to read the tutorial:
  • A close up of the finished floor, it almost looks like old leather.
  • I did the whole 10 X 12 room for about $80, but any future room will cost about $30. That's cheap flooring!
  • Gluing the paper down using a 50% Elmers glue %50 water mixture. This part took forever.
  • Here is the paper going on, this is about 10 hours in (spread over multiple days).
  • Mopping on the stain.
  • After 12 coats of poly! I know people say this all the time, but it honestly look much better in real life. It just looks shiny in the pictures.

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  • Jennifer
    Jennifer Louisville, KY
    Too cool 😎
  • Pamela
    Pamela Hilliard, FL
    What about how existing floors meet... For example... I have tile in my hallway.. there will be a difference in height at the doors entryway....What did you do?
    • Bill
      Bill Madison, ME
      Pamela Measure your height from paper floor to top of the hallway tile. Then buy a room to room doorstoop that has been trimmed out on the underside. If you are still not sure ask
  • Sheryll S
    Sheryll S Jacksonville, FL
    I had to do a thin strip of wood for where I had to stop, till I could tear up linoleum. And where my bedroom floor and also my hallway floor meets the ceramic tile in both bathrooms, I already had a ceramic tile thingy that I just bumped up to. Make
  • Willowymn
    Willowymn Eureka, CA
    They make room floor dividers. They go between floors. Some are made for different height floors, example: going from a higher to a lower. Going from carpet to tile, or wood, or laminate.
  • Chicago, IL
    We love low-cost ideas like this. Do you need to reseal the floor every few years? Let us know.
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