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Paper Bag Floors

If you are in need of new flooring but don't have much money to spend (or even if you do) then this fits the bill! I created this floor out of brown paper, Elmers glue, stain and polyurethane. It was easy to do (albeit time consuming) and is very durable. This room is 10 X 12 and cost about $80, but future rooms will cost about $30 since I have plenty of leftover supplies. Click through to read the tutorial: http://www.domesticimperfection.com/2013/03/...

To see more: http://www.domesticimperfection.com/2013/03/paper-bag-floors-a-tutorial/

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  • Sandy Irwin Holiday, FL
    I did this to and old chest of drawers and it is really a showpiece
    • Judi sawyer Miami, FL
      Sandy Irwin can you post a picture? I'm wondering about using this on something that has drawers too. Did it wear down or peel where you open and close the drawers?
    • Malinda Bills Sandy, UT
      Sandy Irwin I would love to see a picture of this as well! I've been considering doing this to kitchen cabinets... I have some hideous ones that could use a gorgeous face lift... But, I'm not 100% sure how it would work out...
  • Sandy Irwin Holiday, FL
    I would love to show a picture but it is now in my daughters home she took it to go with her bed I used brown paper and leopard Napkins to cover the head and foot board I decopodged them both . They have been used for over seven years now and still looks
  • could this technique the "paper bag" floor be done over tiles? & and how? thank you!!!!!
  • Mary Kim Glosson Liberty Hill, TX
    I have brown papered my kitchen and then did the living room. I love the kitchen floor, I left it paper brown color. In my living room I put the stain on it and used clear gloss over it. My problem it looks cloudy, what are you thoughts on what I can do
    • Mary Kim Glosson - Did you take all your appliances out before starting this in your kitchen? We don't have a whole lot of spots to put the fridge and I'm nervous about putting it back in before the poly dries.
  • Dee Independence, IA
    Thank you Mary.Had a family in town loose their home from fumes while redoing the floors even with windows and doors open..scary so water base.it is thankyou so much. The floor looks great nice job.
    • Dale Hayes Mobile, AL
      Dee The fumes can be dangerous to breathe and can even be explosive. Basements or other weakly ventilated spaces can collect combustible vapors and can be ignited by a pilot light or any spark.
  • Sheryll S Jacksonville, FL
    Do light layers and not too much between....... let it dry.... then very thin layers...... Ashley did a great tutorial..... has anyone actually READ her tutorial? I used all water based everything and matte poly.... but for me the matte poly to keep
  • Dee Independence, IA
    Thanks alot Dale
  • Mary Kim Glosson Liberty Hill, TX
    I let the stain dry for 2 days before I applied the poly. I think it gets cloudier every thing I wash the floor. I use only clear water.
  • Malinda Bills Sandy, UT
    I actually did this and I love the final results. I however had several challenges, which required me to repaper 3 different times. It was definitely a learning experience and I sure wish I had known some of the things before I started. I actually wrote
  • Sheryll S Jacksonville, FL
    Wow Malinda Bills...... I would have cried the first try..... wtg for not giving up. (I think I cried for you). It does look great and so glad you both are happy with the outcome.
    • Malinda Bills Sandy, UT
      Sheryll S Ha! thank you for your post. I thought about crying a couple of times, but held my head high. I was determined not to get discouraged and it was totally worth it at the end of the
  • Rae Downing Manor, TX
    I just finishing doing this to our second floor family and computer room -- one huge room divided by a large landing. It looks amazing and took just over two weeks to complete (about 900 SF) including replacing the floor molding. I am doing this on the
  • Mary Kim Glosson Liberty Hill, TX
    We moved the fridge and atove not a problem moving them back after a few days of letting the floor dry. We didn't move the dishwasher figured when it goes out will do under
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