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Flooring 17 hours ago
If you are in need of new flooring but don't have much money to spend (or even if you do) then this fits the bill! I created this floor out of brown paper, Elmers glue, stain and polyurethane. It was easy to do (albeit time consuming) and is very durable. This room is 10 X 12 and cost about $80, but future rooms will cost about $30 since I have plenty of leftover supplies. Click through to read the tutorial:

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  • Julie
    Julie Humble, TX
    We did this in our foyer of our old house. We tore the paper with a metal ruler the size of bricks and laid them out with a "grout" in between the bricks... looked nice!
    • Chey
      Chey Alamogordo, NM
      Julie How did this hold up for you on the floor? Did it need special care? I guess I envision the polycoat getting scratched a lot with shoes or whatever is on the bottom of the shoe - dirt or pebbles. I love the look.
  • Carol
    Carol Bentonville, AR
    ago when Ralph Laren was so popular, my friend put the torn grocery sacks on her son's wall like wain scotting (speling sorry) and then used modge podge for shine, it looked like leather and the painted a Scottish type plaid above it. It took time, but
  • Amy Chase
    This is good news!! Thanks Kathie
  • Angel Carter
    Angel Carter Union City, TN
    This is BRILLIANT!! I have seen and done many different DIY redos but this is one of my all time FAVS!! Hats off to you girl! :)
  • Julie
    Julie Humble, TX
    We have since sold the house so I'm not sure. We enjoyed it for a couple of years and was easy to keep clean. I used 3 coats of poly on top and didn't have any problems with it.
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