• Barbara C
    Barbara C Seattle, WA
    I found you can get instructions from You Tube.. Just put in How to Paper Bag Floors... and it will bring up about 10 videos on how to do this.. I can't do this because I live in an Apartment.. But it would be so much fun doing.... the results are
  • Ingrid Shapiro
    Ingrid Shapiro Fort Myers, FL
    Ingrid Shapiro, Ft. Myers, FL. My girlfriend did this on a coffee table, and it looked fantastic. Love the look. Big job for the floor.
  • Lisa
    Lisa Calhoun, LA
    I am in the process of doing this. I stained of my living room. Waited then did the other half and the stain is darker on second side. What do I do?
  • Linda Lee
    Linda Lee Rollingstone, MN
    I did this to my old, cracked kitchen walls. I didn't poly over it. I get so many compliments on it!
  • Alethea S
    Alethea S Springfield, OH
    @ Ashley , I just did my guest bathroom floor and I am SO pleased with most of it - just what I wanted! But, there are some dark splotches, mostly on the edges of some of the individual paper pieces. :( Is it because they weren't glued down tightly
  • Dale Tracy
    Dale Tracy Shippensburg, PA
    Can you lay paper bag floor over pergo floor??? I got all the supplies but want to know before I start someone please respond
  • Lightfeather
    Lightfeather Bowling Green, KY
    I wonder can this technic be done on a cement floor?
  • Cyndi Dimanno-Valentine
    Paper bag bay window
  • Connie Phillips
    love this floor treatment. Do you think it would look good in shades of grey?
  • Cherie
    Cherie Buckley, WA
    I've doe this technique on a floor, a counter, and walls (I painted over the paper on the walls but you can leave it unpainted too)
  • Gail Rodriguez
    Gail Rodriguez Mc Gehee, AR
    I have been thinking about using old jeans for flooring and my kids old clothing pieces to make like a quilt wall covering any ideas or comments it would save on storage space and keeps me from throwing them out
  • Rose Henderson
    Rose Henderson Provo, UT
    I have a really difficult time believing this floor is made from paper bags. That is incredible! I imagine this really must have been time consuming though. I think it was well worth your time because the end product is lovely.
  • Maria
    Maria Bothell, WA
    Has anyone done this directly on top of laminate flooring?
    • Ji.flooring2009
      Ji.flooring2009 Lincoln City, OR
      Laminate flooring is still a wood byproduct and needs to expand and contract, it's best to remove your laminate. Then rather than throwing out the decent laminate floors you may want a laminate accent wall somewhere. Use liquid nails to hold the weight
  • Holly Peterson
    Holly Peterson Andover, MN
    I did this in my kitchen and hallways and it looked great for about a month. With the water based poly it has now become a disaster in a home with four dogs and five cats and constant spills. I'm so bummed because I truly loved it when I first did it and
    • Sheryll S
      Sheryll S Jacksonville, FL
      Holly Peterson I am interested in any answers to your question as well. I need better for my pup and kitty kat kitchen. And quite frankly after our hot weather, I am going to
    • Ji.flooring2009
      Ji.flooring2009 Lincoln City, OR
      If you choose to recreate the look on your floors and want them to be more permanent I suggest overlaying with new bags, when ready to put a top coat on go with clear epoxy. 4 days (camping trip) to a full cure. It's then an anti microbial, anti
  • Mariahdc_23
    I am getting ready to do this and ripped out the old flooring. I am wanting to put down cement board so I will have a smooth surface. Has anyone done this and do I need to do anything different?
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