• Shelley Sweitzer
    Shelley Sweitzer Mattawana, PA
    Can you do this on top of linoleum or do you need to remove it? How durable is it with dogs? Did you rip the bags into different size pieces and over lap? I Love This!!!)
  • Cindy Hernandez
    Cindy Hernandez Clute, TX
    just bought a house the floor is concrete what would I have to do first to do this kinda paper floor on

  • Dennis
    Dennis Kansas City, MO
    Can you a oil base polyurethane?
  • Sheryll S
    Sheryll S Jacksonville, FL
    I have a concrete slab house & I am sure it has that nasty black asbestos glue on it from when they put down those old 9 in linoleum tiles........ so I had to do myself. I only sanded enough to be confident it was still porous (so far not finished YET).
    • Farra Wicks
      Sheryll S Did you sand down the black glue?? I just bought a house and pulled back the carpet to find flooring similar to what you describe, though the tiles are still somewhat
    • Sheryll S
      Sheryll S Jacksonville, FL
      Farra Wicks Hi, I am surely no expert. I just did what I did... I can not recommend the abesto's worry to anyone except they should seek professiional advice if the test comes
  • Penny Gray
    Penny Gray West Fork, AR
    We want to do this in our new house but are worried about our pets running around and scratching it all up. Does it show up scratches form animals or things getting moved on it?
  • Cleta spencer
    cleta spencer Richwood, WV
    I have a smaller room I would love to do this but I have a few questions, can you over lap the pieces of paper and does the paper not puff up or tear when putting on the "wet" stain?? It would seem that the stain would make the paper bags tear, split or
  • Barbara C
    Barbara C Seattle, WA
    I found you can get instructions from You Tube.. Just put in How to Paper Bag Floors... and it will bring up about 10 videos on how to do this.. I can't do this because I live in an Apartment.. But it would be so much fun doing.... the results are
  • Ingrid Shapiro
    Ingrid Shapiro Fort Myers, FL
    Ingrid Shapiro, Ft. Myers, FL. My girlfriend did this on a coffee table, and it looked fantastic. Love the look. Big job for the floor.
  • Lisa
    Lisa Calhoun, LA
    I am in the process of doing this. I stained of my living room. Waited then did the other half and the stain is darker on second side. What do I do?
  • Linda Lee
    Linda Lee Rollingstone, MN
    I did this to my old, cracked kitchen walls. I didn't poly over it. I get so many compliments on it!
  • Alethea S
    Alethea S Springfield, OH
    @ Ashley , I just did my guest bathroom floor and I am SO pleased with most of it - just what I wanted! But, there are some dark splotches, mostly on the edges of some of the individual paper pieces. :( Is it because they weren't glued down tightly
  • Dale Tracy
    Dale Tracy Shippensburg, PA
    Can you lay paper bag floor over pergo floor??? I got all the supplies but want to know before I start someone please respond
  • Lightfeather
    Lightfeather Bowling Green, KY
    I wonder can this technic be done on a cement floor?
  • Cyndi Dimanno-Valentine
    Paper bag bay window
  • Connie Phillips
    love this floor treatment. Do you think it would look good in shades of grey?
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