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Wood Crate Turned Faux Planter: Holiday Crate X 10

A few weeks ago, my awesome friend, Carole, from Garden Up Green contacted me about joining her for a holiday collaboration post with 7 other talented bloggers. Working with Carole is always fun, so of course I said, "Yes!"
Our challenge, "Holiday Crate x 10" was a perfect opportunity to get the creative ball rolling this holiday season.
We each started with a simple wood crate. After that, the rest was up to each of us to decide. It was time to get creative and into the holiday spirit!
I chose stain for my project. I loved how the cherry color turned out - exactly how I had envisioned it!
Once the stain was dry, I added a fun plaid ribbon around the top of the crate and attached it to the corners with hot glue. Next, I made a pretty matching bow and decided to offset it a bit. Another shot of hot glue and it was done!
A Norfolk pine tree became the centerpiece of the project. I found a perfect-sized tree at Lowe's, added lights and balls, dropped it into the crate, and stuffed bright red tissue paper around the edges to fill in the empty space.
I love the cheery holiday welcome it adds to the porch!
I had a great time joining these ladies for this fun DIY challenge, and my Christmas crate will be a constant reminder of them and their talent. Visit the blog to find the links to all of their creative projects.

To see more: http://www.toworkwithmyhands.com/2015/12/4782.html

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