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Handmade Decorative Candy Jars

I'm sharing a DIY project that is super easy and uses items you probably have around your house already. These decorative candy jars can be used to hold more than just candy - they're perfect for jewelry, arts and craft supplies, coins, buttons - just about anything. They're a great hostess gift idea or something for a teacher, mail carrier or hairdresser. Fill them with your favorite candy and the recipient gets to enjoy a delicious treat and continue to enjoy the beautiful jar when finished!
  • handmade decorative candy jars, crafts
Here are all the items you need to make these decorative candy jars:
• recycled glass food jars
• drawer pulls and/or fabric flowers – the drawer pulls can be found at any home supply store and the fabric flowers can be found at any arts & craft store.
• spray paint
• liquid nails
• glue gun
  • handmade decorative candy jars, crafts
Here are the steps:
Remove the labels from the glass jars and clean them throughly with warm soapy water. Use a small amount of Goo-gone if the labels are not coming off easily.
  • handmade decorative candy jars, crafts
Spray paint the lids in your desired color. I chose a metallic silver.
  • handmade decorative candy jars, crafts
  • handmade decorative candy jars, crafts
While the lids are drying, choose ribbon that coordinates with your decorative knobs and/or fabric flowers. I stuck with holiday colors since I’ll be giving these as gifts for Christmas.
  • handmade decorative candy jars, crafts
Using the glue gun, adhere one edge of the ribbon to the center of the glass jar. As you wrap it around to the other edge, pull it tightly and add a small amount of glue to the center of the ribbon so it stays in place. Finish attaching the ribbon on the other end with more glue. Add as many layers of ribbons as you’d like. I think this adds a lot of nice detail to the jars.
  • handmade decorative candy jars, crafts
When the lids are dry, attach the fabric flowers or knobs to the tops of the lids with Liquid Nails. Liquid Nails is a better solution for any items you put on the lids than the glue gun and they should hold nicely but the lids should be opened normally and not by these decorations. I think the fabric flowers are great for a more feminine look.
  • handmade decorative candy jars, crafts
Now fill them with your favorite candy and add a pretty tag. I love the red and white striped candies with the red polka dot decorative flower!
  • handmade decorative candy jars, crafts
You could have a lot of fun with the different ribbon, knob, flower and candy combinations. I hope you enjoyed my DIY decorative candy jar gift idea. Create a few of your own and you’ll be able to check so many people off your holiday list!
  • handmade decorative candy jars, crafts
If you want to see more, check out my blog at http://www.grecodesigncompany.com/diy/handmade-decorative-candy-jars/

To see more: http://www.grecodesigncompany.com/diy/handmade-decorative-candy-jars/

  • Jeani Miller Miner
    Jeani Miller Miner Alameda, CA

    I have buttons stored in old pickle jars and to this day (years later) I can still smell the pickles despite soaking, rinsing etc. I think the lids hold the odor, not the glass. I finally popped a fabric softener sheet into the jar and that helped -

  • Marianna Bromley
    Marianna Bromley Snow Hill, MD

    the splash of bleach works well and also after that soak for awhile with some lemon juice also.

  • Cathyholmes40

    What a cute idea

  • Pat
    Pat Prosper, TX

    I gave my jars away this week and my friend loved them. Thanks
    I did want to say that the pickle smell I thought was on or in the glass was not there at all. The smell was in the rubber seal on the lid. The jar was clean of the smell but it only

  • Lizziebell52
    Lizziebell52 Boaz, AL

    You could use jelly jars and then you'd have no smell!!

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