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Shabby Wings

Once a week Mr. comes home and brings his clean work clothes home, which brings with it 10 hangers. I have been trying to figure out what to do with them besides give them to Goodwill.
Difficulty: Easy
These are made with scrap curtains that I had and then embellished the tops with buttons and lace.
To make these, first I cut the curtain to the shape of the wings and hot glued them to the hanger. Cut strips of the curtain and gathered it together to form the ruffle with needle and thread ( I found this to be the easiest way). Then I hot glued the material to the backing of the wing.
The next one has lace that I bought from Goodwill. I cut the lace to match the wing or actually an outline, then hot glued the fabric to the wire, trimmed the lace and hot glued the rest to the back so it was a clean look.
Just add bits of lace and a ribbon to hang it and tada!
When my mom passed away, I inherited a lot of her ribbon, so I put that to good use for the finishing touches.
This one is shaped a little differently then the one above. I think they turned out pretty good!
This is all three of them hanging on my old door.
This is a Christmas tassel I made that I thought looked awesome with the wings!
The three wings together. So do you want to make your own wings? They are not very hard to do.

To see more: http://downsprigglane.blogspot.com/2015/12/shabby-wings.html

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