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Winter Holiday Canvas Wreath DIY

I love decorating for Christmas. This year holds a little more meaning in the decorating department since I've incorporated a number of my own DIY projects. This "Winter Holiday Canvas Wreath" project that I'm sharing today is one of my favorite projects as of late. I created this as part of the Blog hop, hosted by Hometalk.com and CountryLiving.com!
For this project, I used a square canvas (15 1/2 By 15 1/2 inches).
The art canvas you see below happens to be an old "practice" piece that one of my daughters did a couple of years ago. Let's be real, not all of their artwork happens to be masterpieces. For those that don't quite make the mark, this is a great way to re-purpose them instead of throwing them out.
To repaint the canvas, I used a sponge brush to apply the Waverly brand chalk paint (purchased at Walmart). "Elephant" was the name of the color.
After 2 coats of paint, your canvas will look like the below photo.
You will need to cut 2 Burlap Wire Ribbons (Long strip to measure 26 inches and shorter strip to measure 14 inches). To hold the bows together you will also need to cut a "3 inch" length ribbon (I used black & white striped ribbon) to wrap the burlap pieces together.
Step One: Grab the long burlap ribbon piece and form shape like below image.
Step Two: Fold shorter ribbon piece so that the ends meet each other. Place short ribbon on top of long ribbon.
Step Three: Cinch tops of bow.
Step Four: Add plastic tie to secure bow.
Step Five: Wrap short "decorative ribbon" around burlap bow pieces.
Step Six: Turn bow over and fluff to make it pretty! :)
Using scissors, cut ends of bow like image below.
Optional Step: If you want to enhance your bow further, simply add 2 extra pieces of your "decorative ribbon." Use glue gun to affix pieces. The strips were each 3.5 inches long.
Nothing like a handy dandy glue gun to put everything together!
Here's how the finished canvas looks. I think it's a nice alternative to hanging an actual wreath! :)
If you like this project, check link below for a sneak peek of another similar DIY project.

To see more: http://beauteefulliving.com/winter-holiday-canvas-wreath-diy/

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