Create a Custom Indoor Herb Garden Design from Mason Jars

Wouldn't it be fantastic to have a custom indoor herb garden you could hang on your kitchen wall?

This comes in handy when you don't have a ton of counter space. Plus, who doesn't like a pizza with fresh basil and mozzarella (I'm hoping some of you do!!).

This project was inspired by a blog post over at Camille Styles. I modified it a bit (with their permission) by creating an oil rubbed bronze & copper effect on a wood board.

This artistic touch could come in handy for any number of projects. It's a simple & inexpensive technique that you can do yourself.

You can then mount mason jars to the board with stainless steel clamps. This allows the jars to be removed and cleaned if you'd like to add different herbs over time. Way cool!!

So you get fresh herbs and a conversation piece that begs for bragging rights.

Here are some pics of the project for inspiration.

Time: 2 Hours Cost: $30 Difficulty: Easy

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  • Dale Barlow
    Thank you, Nancy R., I was thinking the same thing. I talked to someone yesterday that has been using this idea for a while now and she said that she drills 3small holes in the bottom of her jars with a small bit and her Dremmel. This would be easy to do
  • Amy Tomey
    Amy Tomey Salem, IN
    why not a layer of small pebbles, maybe half an inch or so in the bottom of the jar? It would be easy to see how much water was in the bottom. Also, put a folded up unused coffee filter over the hole before adding anything. Only the water will drain out.
  • Bessie Blazejewski
    Bessie Blazejewski Dana Point, CA
    I love this idea, it's so creative. Thank you for sharing.
  • Sarah Carroll
    Sarah Carroll Valders, WI
    Great idea.
  • Sarah Pickavance
    Sarah Pickavance United Kingdom
    I love this! I'll be moving in to a new apartment soon and will have absolutely no outside space! I'm already mourning my garden but ideas like this are helping with the grieving process!
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