BEFORE & AFTER: The Makeover of a Wooden Play Kitchen

childrens stuff 07.15.15
I found this beat up wooden play kitchen from the thrift store for only $2.50! I knew immediately it could be beautiful! I didn't want it to be "girly" or "kiddie" so I chose Annie Sloan Antibes Green for the outside, and Annie Sloan Napoleonic Blue for the interior. I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut new vinyl burners, and I mitered trim to make panels on the door, which are Mod Podged with fabric from a vintage table cloth from the thrift store. I also added cup hooks to the side for measuring spoons (which are also from the thrift store!). For more pics and VIDEOS of the whole processes, with more detail, you can find it on the blog post. Enjoy!
A $2.50 wooden play kitchen from the thrift store gets a makeover!
I lined the doors with vintage fabric from a thrift store table cloth, and used cup hooks to hold thrift store measuring spoons.
It had potential, right?? Most people just walked right on by it. Good for ME!
I wanted something that wasn't too "girly" or too "kiddy." So I chose Annie Sloan Antibes Green, which gives it a retro feel. I kept the existing red handles. It worked with the colors!
I used Annie Sloan Napoleonic Blue inside, which was the perfect compliment to the Antibes Green. All the inside metal bowls came from the thrift store, as well.
Annie Sloan Napoleonic Blue. Isn't it a DIVINE color?!? Love it! Dries a shade darker.
Cup hooks on the side allow kids to store measuring spoons and a towel.
YUCK. That's all I can say. LOL
The plastic burner stickers were peeling off and in bad shape.
I removed the stickers and lightly sanded out the sticky parts.
I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut new vinyl burners. Easy!
I used Mod Podge to glue down panels for the door.
A close-up of the vintage table cloth used.
I had bought this from the thrift store about 6 months ago and had never used it. Was probably going to make pillows from it or something. But after starting this project, I realized this would be perfect for lining the doors.
I cut my own trim and glued it down to the doors with Gorilla Glue. See the blog post for a short video on how NOT to use Gorilla Glue ;)
There are my 3 boys playing with the new wooden play kitchen! Making "Cheeriors stew." LOL

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  • Jeanette S
    Jeanette S Atlanta, GA
    What a great find and fantastic job you did on this! And those boys look like they are really enjoying it! Men make the best cooks/chefs!
  • Pat Tatro Lieb
    Pat Tatro Lieb Sarasota, FL
    I love seeing the boys cooking! Future chef's perhaps?
  • Jeannie McCarley
    Jeannie McCarley North Fort Myers, FL
    Lol, that's awesome :-)
  • Feral Turtle
    This turned out fantastic and what an amazing deal you got! Cheers.
  • Liliana Wells
    Liliana Wells Jackson, GA
  • Mikki Cavallo
    Mikki Cavallo Windsor, CA
    Very cute and looks like the kids are loving it!!
  • Meena M
    Meena M Columbus, OH
    This is awesome!
  • HappyNanaSTLMO
    HappyNanaSTLMO Saint Louis, MO
    SOOOOOO cute and creative - love, love, love! And what a fun surprise at the end to see your three boys enjoying their new kitchen - be still my heart! Now I'm hungry for some Cheerios stew. :)
  • Ginger
    Ginger Southwick, MA
    love it! soo cute! i want to play!!
  • Artymarg
    artymarg Saratoga, CA
    Great job - a huge improvement on the original even when new. Some lucky little children.
  • Diana
    Diana Terra Alta, WV
    very cute, love it...
  • Gina L
    Gina L Warwick, RI
    Love! Love! Love!
  • Piper Woodring
    Piper Woodring Boone, NC
    I love that they are using pliers to cook!
  • Tara Cotter' Nesci
    Tara Cotter' Nesci Red Bank, NJ
    Someone just gave me an identical kitchen , I can't wait to start my refinishing project
  • Mollie Green-Shelton
    Mollie Green-Shelton Baltimore, MD
    i live in maryland ..what thrift store did you find that in? the price was amazing and the result WOW!!! i can never find reasonable prices and i love Annie Sloan. We do thrift shopping on saturdays and would love to find some new places..again amazing
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